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How Sales Intelligence Integrates With Your Marketing Efforts

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In the realm of Intelligence, most businesses are focused on analyzing, collecting and presenting the most effective practices within Marketing and Sales, with the aim of helping and enhance their sales process. However, rarely businesses think about turning the process around. What happens if marketers are outfitted with sales intelligence? What would this strategy do to improve their efficiency? Here are some ideas:

Optimise Content Creation

This is the primary benefit of making use of intelligence. The company’s Sales Intelligence that is accumulated over time will provide marketers with an accurate picture of the various buyer personas, thereby improving the efficiency of content mapping and development. Furthermore, Sales Intelligence provides a more understanding of buyers’ issues providing Marketers with better alternatives for The biggest issues that companies are facing today is the shortage of time to create enough content. In this kind of environment this is why how well content that is essential. Every item of documentation, from a basic Social Media update, to an elaborate White Paper with Premium content is required to be planned with a clear goal of the generation of leads, nurturing leads or creating a relationship with a client already in place. In the absence of this, companies could be facing an issue that is common: the inability to realize a sufficient return on investment from their expensive marketing strategies. Marketing strategies.

The goal of focusing Content assets on specific resolutions to pain points for example you could write an Blog blog post that contains “How do I… “, or a Case Study on a company with similar problems and how you came to overcome them all, or show solutions through a visual format (Infographic or Presentation, Video or other.)

Personalisation: Include a personal message that explains why the information you’re sending is important to the potential customer.

Through analyzing the collected sales Intelligence about the demographics of prospects’ nature typical issues and requirements, marketers can create a more accurate image of their group, thus maximizing the result of their content creation to nurture leads and lead generation goals.

Efficient Channel Distribution

The understanding of how and when to engage their leads is equally crucial key positions in the Marketer’s Bible. Sales Intelligence is again regarded as a useful resource in this regard, particularly in the context of the strategies for generating leads. An experienced Marketer will review the company’s Sales Intelligence to discover where prospects with the greatest relevance “hang out” in the online world and the way they would prefer being addressed. Additionally, such data can be used to identify new business networks that he might not have considered.

Even the most targeted and personalized content assets could be viewed as unimportant and of no use to the buyer’s journey to the sale when distributed via the inappropriate method.


Sales Intelligence offers the advantage of providing marketers with an additional element of their content and distribution Technology.

With mobile devices responsible for 20 percent of the world’s internet browsing activity in the month of December, there’s the chance of your business’s marketing materials getting read by in a form of mobile device. Naturally, when you return to the way Sales Intelligence enables more precise development of buyer personas you must optimize your strategies to distribute content depending on the tools utilized by your customers.

Competitive Advantage

With all the mentioned advantages from Sales Intelligence for marketers We can’t avoid talking about how this tactic ties in to Competitive Intelligence. In particular:

Leveraging Sales: Lead Intelligence provides marketers a time advantage when trying to generate leads. It reduces the time spent conducting tests on targets, channels, and technology by hand. It allows Marketers with strategically-focused content to be available at the right locations at the right dates, and with the appropriate assets, and empowering the lead-generation efforts by giving them a competitive advantage.

Leveraging: Sales Intelligence could be considered an “History publication”. It could be utilized as an invaluable source of leading lead nurturing techniques (what worked) in contrast to. lead nurture errors (what do you need to be aware of). Making the most of their own past errors, marketers are able to optimize their lead nurturing strategies which will leave no room for potential customers to go to rivals at the center in the funnel of sales.

Cross-selling and Up-selling A good mix of Marketing Automation and Sales Intelligence technology is a winning recipe for retaining existing clients. If a buyer is reached at the right time following his purchase, with the proper demand for up-selling, and with an appropriate, personalized message the customer will certainly have no reason to look to another company for the similar solution.