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The History Of Maine Coons

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Myths and legends swirl around the background of the well-known Maine coon cat. But , what’s true and what’s just fiction? We’ve conducted some research and discovered some fascinating details about this breed.

It’s a fact they are “gentle giants” (as they’re commonly referred to) are an adorable cat breed with a distinct character.

What else is different in these incredible creature? Let’s find out!

1. They have interesting roots.

Contrary to what is commonly believed that contrary to popular belief, the Maine coon cat isn’t the product of a raccoon and cat combination. It’s also highly unlikely that they were smuggled into America from France by Marie Antoinette during her foiled escape from France according to some suggest.

What we know is that The Maine coon breed is considered to be the most ancient cat breed that is native to America (specifically in the US state of Maine) It’s likely that the breed came into existence during the time when Vikings as well as other European sailors came to America with long-haired cat breeds that were crossed with short-haired indigenous cats, and then the Maine coon was born.

2. They’re “gentle giants”

Oft mistakenly referred to as bobcats, Maine coons are large cats sporting muscular bodies. One of the biggest cats that can be domesticated, they are weighing in the range of four to eight kilograms (9-18lbs).

Maine coons are often called “gentle huges” the perfect name for this large and friendly animal.

3. Maine coons are a delight to watch. temperament

The Maine coon’s lovely nature has earned the breed another apt title, one of the “dogs from the realm of cat cats.” The friendly cats can be found with the human population and with other animals. They love the company of their owners and are able to take an interest in what you’re doing.

While they’re not too demanding of you, your pet will be content to curl in your lap, if they’re big enough!

4. Maine coons are a fun breed.

Playtime is the most important thing for these playful cats. They are awestruck by other cats, so be prepared to have lots of interaction.

Maine coons are extremely intelligent pets and can be taught to perform simple tricks at will. They love playing with toys, which makes them perfect for the pet’s more active owner.

5. You can walk them on the help of

A cat walking on a leash? It’s not as crazy as you imagine. Another distinctive characteristic that distinguishes Maine cat coons from their feline companions is their capacity to lead train.

Like the extremely clever Savannah Cat, Maine coons are keen to explore the great outdoors together with owners. With perseverance and a steady training, you’ll be able to walk around the neighborhood with your pet.

Remember that although they behave like animals, Maine coons are still felines. Their necks cannot withstand the same amount of pressure you’d experience when walking for a dog. Instead of a standard dog lead, make use of a walking coat or harness specifically designed specifically for the Maine coon cat’s unique shape.

6. They love to “sing”

Maine coons can sing! The cats communicate with distinct chirping sounds, distinct from the usual feline meow.

The cats aren’t afflicted by communication problems. They’re not afraid of yelling to grab your attention.

7. They are awestruck by water.

Maybe it’s due to their waterproof fur coat, they are fond of playing with water. Maine coons are a powerful swimmer and are more cooperative during bath time than other felines.

8. These cats were made to be used in winter

Maine Coons Cambridge have developed physical traits that ensure their survival in the harsh New England winters. They sport snowshoe-like feet and waterproof fur that’s particularly long around their lower body. This extravagant coat keeps them warm in the cold winter months and ice.

They are also able to wrap their signature long hairy tail over their body to keep warm. So cosy.

9. They’ve been successfully cloned

In 2004 in 2004, a Maine pet named a coon named Little Nicky was recorded in history as being the first sale of a pet that was cloned.

A Texas woman was paid $50k (PS39,000) to hire a biotech company based in California to replicate her deceased cat. Despite the controversy that ensued, Little Nicky’s owner claims the clone’s DNA is identical to Nicky who died. Nicky.

10. A Maine coon appeared on the Harry Potter films.

There’s a new star on the block!

Perhaps you remember a cat with a shaggy coat roaming in the hallways at Hogwarts in the adored Harry Potter films. This is Mrs. Norris, the Maine coon that is the castle’s caretaker Argus Filch.

In contrast to the generally well-groomed and robust Maine coon, however, J.K. Rowling described Mrs. Norris as a scrawny and filthy cat in her novels. To address this issue animals makeup artists utilized special makeup products to create more messy and ragged look for their feline friends.

11. Maine coon cats often carry the gene that allows for more toes

The gene that allows for the extra toes is dominant that means a cat with a polydactyl gene has an opportunity of 50% to pass the Pd gene onto their likely well-off offspring. Maine coon owners believe they can use the extra toes to help cats plow through snow, capture mice, and walk on ships much better than an average cat.

With such gorgeous appearance and personality It’s no wonder Maine cat coons have become so well-loved. They’re smart and beautiful. They are also affectionate and adorable. What’s not to like?