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Ever wondered how to choose a wedding cake?

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The process of choosing a wedding cake isn’t as simple as going to the bakery and choosing one from the rack. It requires planning, approximately 3 months of preparation, and a great deal of decorating. Even the most basic of wedding cakes is a bit complicated as compared to those that you can look at in the bakery’s window.

Wedding cakes can be small, simple large, massive, multi-tired sponge, fruit decorated, iced without decoration cream, white, yellow and just about any shape, colour and consistency you can think of. The choice of wedding cakes has the challenges of the variety!

So how do you decide one?

It’s all about the design

The first thing to think about is the theme. If you’ve got an existing wedding theme then this is fairly easy. Your theme could determine the size, shape and color of the cake, and can determine the cake’s style if you’re considering a variety of cakes in your mind.

Also , check out the internet for ideas. We’ve found Pinterest to be an excellent source for anything and there are hundreds of wedding cake ideas there. Wedding websites are good sources of inspiration too.

If you come across that you enjoy, you can print the images to deliver the images to your local baker.

It’s all about the cost

It is a surprise to many that the cost of wedding cakes Melbourne. If you’ve participated in the cake’s creation, you’ll know the reasons. They’re custom-made, created according to your specifications hand-painted and are artworks by themselves. It requires time, and has the cost of.

Be open with regards to your finances and real about your goals. There is a way to make an amazing wedding cake even on the most modest of budgets If you speak to the right people, and there’s always an opportunity.

The main thing is size.

In general, portions determine how big the cake. In reality, the size of the wedding cake you choose to serve should be designed around the number of people will be served instead of the number of cakes you would like to have. Although you could, obviously have whatever you want, it’s cheaper to provide food to guests, rather than create an appearance.

Even if you’re only hosting only a handful of guests doesn’t mean that you can’t make an impression! You can make fake tiers to make the cake so it looks great in your photos and only have one or two tiers of the actual cake. There is less waste and less expense.

It’s all about fashion

As photographers, artists and fashion stylists, bakers also have distinct styles and distinctive signatures. When you are choosing your preferred baker, it is important ensure that the style they offer is compatible with your goals. Go through their portfolios, talk with them and get a sense of their design.

Although many bakers are flexible however, there are a lot of own ingredients of choice . You are better off working with a baker who makes use of the filling or ingredient they like the most. They’ll have greater skill with it, and more enthusiasm for it , and will likely create a superior cake as a result of it.

It’s all about the quality

There is a phrase “you receive what you spend for” frequently used in wedding planning since it’s so accurate. The same saying is suitable for wedding cakes, too. Cakes can be ordered on the internet through an online bakery or can purchase it from a friend however, make sure that it’s made of quality that you’ll admire.

Don’t purchase blindly baked cakes. Get to know the cake maker, sample their products and get a sense of their skills and collaborate with them to ensure that you get exactly what you need.

In the final moment the choice of the wedding cake is about the bride and groom. Your personal preferences, design, theme for your wedding and budget. As with all aspects of planning a wedding it is important to think about several factors when selecting the cake, and not simply choose the most expensive or closest one.

The more time you invest in finding the perfect baker, the better cake you receive at the end. Also, picking wedding cakes takes a lot of tasting to determine the perfect sponge. What’s not to love?