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Future Men’s Fashion Styles

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After the news of V&A Museum’s “Menswear Fashion Parade Questions about the menswear’s future and what the meaning of menswear fashion for the 21st Century have come to the fore. Fashion for men, today, isn’t as basic and straightforward as a suit with a shirt or a top and jeans. The fashion of today is not just all black and white. Fashion designers and creatives have been pushing boundaries and have created a new time for men’s fashion. Genre has no longer played a central part of fashion, because these boundaries and norms are being deconstructed, revealing an entirely new style of art and variety of what is considered to be masculine and what it means to dress and dress as an adult male.

The show aims to show that menswear doesn’t have to be just what’s in the box, but that fashion and attitudes change and evolve according to the changing times.

The exhibit, which will open in on March 20, 2022 will delve at the fashion art, diversity, and representation of masculinity. It will showcase looks by the top designers, such as Gucci as well as Harris Reed, and also appearances of Harry Styles, David Bowie and Sam Smith. The show will explore the the possibilities of what masculinity can mean and what masculinity could be and what masculinity is supposed to be. It will showcase about 100 different looks that portray masculinity from three distinct perspectives: Overdressed, Undressed and Redressed. Undressed demonstrates the art of masculinity through male body and his underwear Overdressed showcases the most prestigious menswear that has been reimagined. Redressed explores the ways suits don’t have to conform to the typical male. The exhibit will aim to accomplish one goal: demonstrate to the viewer that menswear doesn’t have to be just what’s in the box, and that fashions and attitudes are evolving and changing according to the changing trends of the moment.

The artists they’ve chosen to feature signature styles from each have one thing they all have in common: they don’t connect clothing with gender. David Bowie, Harry Styles and Sam Smith are all pioneers not just in their beliefs and music but also in the way that they dress and present themselves. They’re all viewed as “queer,” “quirky” and different because of not just the way they dress however, but also on how they portray themselves. However, I do not believe that they should be treated like that, since who are you to tell them that the way they dress is wrong or even weird. They’re wearing clothes they like and shouldn’t be judged or disapproved of for this reason. If they wish to put on makeup Who has the right to deny them, since’men do not wear makeup that’s only meant for women’. We are in this new century! This is the age and place where males’ fashion and masculinity is only a concept that is waiting to be reinvented.

Harry Styles took the concept of a suit commonly associated with male and redesigned it to reflect his personal style, preferences and style.

Harry Styles, one of the most prominent pioneers of breaking the boundaries of men’s fashion, is an individual who is not shy about expressing himself by his clothes that is why he’s so trendy and well-known. It is not just the music he sings that make him make a name for himself however it is his appearance, his clothes and his clothes that makes him so attractive. Although, it is true that most of his followers is female, he’s been a huge influence on all of us and has been asked numerous times about what is it that makes a manly figure in today’s society. Styles addressed this issue throughout his’Live On Tour’ in which the singer wore extravagant and stunning appearances. Each show featured a distinct look, and the entire costumes were focused on the concept of wearing a suit. The suits were a variety of shades to different patterns and a variety of feminine, but masculine silhouettes. He was inspired by an outfit that is typically considered to be masculine and redesigned it to fit his personal style and style preferences.

However, the outfits he wore on tour were just the beginning of Styles and his message was his intention to communicate to the general public. The first, more radical , and open-minded outfit that was his stage outfit to raise the issue of masculinity was worn at the 2019 MET Gala where he wore the most unique Gucci outfit made up of the most stunning black blouse with frilled edges and black, tailored pants. Styles his ability to think outside the box when it comes down to his personal style lets him play and playful not just with the materials and the garment itself, but also in the image that he portrays of himself. Styles plays with the concept of gender in clothes a lot and creates the most surprising and stunning fashions.

Styles The artist’s creativity in his own style lets him be playful not just with the materials and the item itself, but also with the representation of himself.

However, this could cause a negative reaction as was the case in the case of Styles was seen wearing a dress on the front cover of American Vogue at the end of December in 2022. Styles isn’t shy about being experimental in his fashion and is not afraid to test the boundaries of gender-fluidity and dress code due to it. He set the bar high with this cover, since it was not just the first man to appear on the covers of Vogue and also one of the very first men to be wearing the dress. While the cover was loved by Gen-Z and millennials alike however, to older generations, it was viewed as ‘unfair and confusing. Discussions were started about the characteristics required to be a male, and the way that men became less masculine as the years progressed. Styles desires to look fashionable wearing a dress provided the opportunity for these discussions to happen and to bring people to think about gender and fashion. Styles didn’t want the dress to be an edgy artwork, yet he didn’t want it be accepted by all of the society.

The concept of dressing outside the boundaries of what is acceptable that is a brand new idea to anyone. The V&A exhibit highlights this, since it does not only emphasizes the importance of this and also the importance of self-expression as the top of the list.