Kim Jong-un launches 'unidentified ballistic missile' hours after massive US war drills

North Korea holds ballistic missile launch in response to US drills (Image: Getty)

North Korea has fired an “unidentified ballistic missile,” the military in Seoul claims. The missile launch comes a day after the start of the largest joint military exercises between the US and South Korea in recent years.

North Korea has previously declared that it views these drills as a rehearsal for an invasion and has threatened a harsh reaction.

One day before the ballistic missile launch, North Korea tested two cruise missiles from a submarine.

This is the first documented instance of North Korea launching a missile of this kind.

The South Korean Joint Chiefs of Staff did not provide any additional information regarding the missile’s range or other specs before the morning launch.

North Korea’s previous underwater launches have also featured ballistic missiles.

However, analysts have observed that this is also the first time North Korea has launched multiple missiles from a submarine in a single launch event.

Leif-Eric Easley, a professor at Ewha University in Seoul told Al Jazeera: “This is likely only the beginning of a series of provocative tests by North Korea.

“Pyongyang is poised to respond aggressively to major U.S.-South Korea defence exercises, as well as to President Yoon’s upcoming summits with Prime Minister Kishida and President Biden.

“The Kim regime may order missile firings of longer ranges, attempt a spy satellite launch, demonstrate a solid-fuel engine and perhaps even conduct a nuclear test.”