Ukraine LIVE: Putin mocked as Russian planes 'shot down in mysterious Bakhmut triangle'

Andriy Yermak, who heads Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s office, shared a video on Telegram of the incident, which shows the Russian bomber engulfed in flames.

Ukraine: Prigozhin says Bakhmut is ‘surrounded’ by Wagner

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Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense has used Twitter to ridicule Russian forces following reports that a bomber from the Soviet era had been shot down near Bakhmut. According to Iryna Rybakova, a spokesperson for Ukraine’s 93rd separate mechanized brigade who spoke to Ukrainian broadcaster Hromadske, Ukrainian troops were responsible for shooting down a Russian Su-24 supersonic bomber in the vicinity of Bakhmut.

The Ukrainian Defence Ministry wrote in a post accompanying the video: “The most mysterious place in Ukraine is the Bakhmut triangle, where Russian planes have been disappearing for a year now…”


Russian plane shot down over Bakhmut (Image: Getty)

Tim McNulty

Ukrainian troops reveal they are ‘sent to death’ in Bakhmut in heartbreaking admission

When told to defend Bakhmut, the scene of the most intense fighting on the frontlines, Ukrainian troops have admitted they are aware they are being sent to their deaths. Numerous lives have already been lost in the struggle for control of the small administrative city, and more deaths are predicted as Ukrainian troops engage Wagner Group mercenaries while continuously being shelled by Russian forces. The fierceness of the battle has been described by soldiers stationed in and around the city; one said they are basically being slaughtered.

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Tim McNulty

France accused of slowing EU plans to restock Ukraine’s artillery shells

France has been accused of impeding the European Union’s plans to replenish Ukraine’s dwindling artillery shell supplies by pressing on the munitions being manufactured within the EU. According to the Telegraph Paris is said to have demanded guarantees that the €2 billion deal would only benefit companies located in the EU.

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Russian losses ‘up to 30,000’ in Bakhmut

Ian Stubbs, a senior military advisor from the UK who is part of the OSCE delegation, has estimated that around 20,000 to 30,000 Russian troops, including Wagner fighters, have been either killed or injured since May last year in the Bakhmut area while battling to gain control of the eastern salt-mining town. Despite these casualties, Russia has only advanced approximately 25 km in total, and as a result, the loss of human life is considerable reports Sky News.

According to Stubbs, for every kilometer gained, over 800 Russian personnel have been killed or wounded, with the majority being Wagner fighters.

Tim McNulty

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