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What is a dropped kerb?

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If you’re having trouble navigate the roads in your region or even outside your home regardless of whether you’re a motorist or pedestrian, or even a wheelchair user, the drop of a kerb may be the ideal solution. It is beneficial for many reasons, the lowering of pavement is only one of the many services that we offer and as a local authority-approved company, we are able to work collaboration with your county council to deliver top-quality results that comply with all the regulations that are required.

What exactly is a dropped kerb?

In many areas, particularly near junctions on roads, and also in pedestrian zones that are built up where kerbs can be lowered in order to make an access ramp that is more convenient to motorists as well as pedestrians. A dropped kerb is the process of lower the elevation of a particular portion of pavement to allow a level entry to the street or path towards the road. The removal of the sharp and abrupt gap in the height makes it much easier for pedestrians to cross roads as well as motorists to park on or access property from these areas.

The process of lowering the pavement is to lower the kerbstones to drop them from their height and then securing the verge or pavement so that they can take the weight that is trying to cross them.

Pavements are typically lower for two reasons – to make it easier for vehicles to cross the road or to make wheelchair and pedestrian access easier, safer and easier.

Dropped kerbs – crossings for vehicles

Dropped kerbs to vehicles can be used to provide access to motorists who are on the carriageway to or across footways and driveways. They are level so that cars can drive on driveways without damaging the vehicle, for example, damaging the tyres, scraping the bumper or harming the pavement. They are great for crossing paths to access your driveway. They could also be used to create parking spaces, particularly in the case of properties with on-road parking.

Dropped kerbs may be supplied by local councils upon the request of homeowners with conditions, regulations and the payment of installation fees. Additionally, all crossings for vehicles in the country have to be constructed by council-approved contractors.

Dropped kerbs, wheelchair and access for pedestrians

It is commonplace for pavement to be lowered to aid pedestrians and wheelchair users while moving on and off footpaths. The lower level allows for easier accessibility for those walking and also increases the convenience and ease of use of wheelchair-users, those who have prams, and pedestrians who have difficulty walking.

Similar to crossings for vehicles dropped kerbs for pedestrian and wheelchair access may come from homeowners, or those who frequent the area and encounter difficulties crossing roads. The procedure for lowering the pavement require approval from the council, and carried out by a local authority endorsed contractor.

We provide a full pavement lowering and our highly skilled and trained team will assist you at each step of the process starting with advice on the proper permits for planning and legal requirements to finishing the crossing and paving with the highest quality. We will ensure that the dropped kerb is done to the highest high standards and will provide safe as well as durable outcomes.

No matter if you’re a business or domestic customer We are able to provide assistance. So if you’d like to learn more about dropped kerbs Coventry, the process of lowering the pavement or you’d like to get an estimate at no cost contact the experts now!