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Where Will You Put Your Hot Tub?

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Based on my experience of repairs and installation to hot tubs here’s an overview of the things need to be aware of prior to buying one.

Do You Want to Buy the First Hot Tub?

You’re thinking of purchasing the very first hot tub? (Yes, I’m Canadian.) The entire article should be your first correct move. The saying goes that knowledge is power.

It is likely that you will enjoy your hot spa. Based on years of doing repairs and installations during many more frigid and cold winters on this planet , and with nearly every brand and model available that is available there are some points to look into prior to making your purchase.

We’re not planning to go into the particular brands since they all have advantages and disadvantages however, the most important thing is that I have never received any money from them. A big purchase like the hot tub is generally an individual decision that could cost you more in the event that you don’t do research first. I’m going to offer couple of suggestions for things to consider before you purchase. The rest is yours to decide.

Okay, enough intro. Let’s dive into the facts. Here’s the deal.

How Much Money Do You Want to Spend?

Take a good look at your financials. How much do you have in your savings? Determine what you are able to spend before you begin your search and then try to stick to the budget while shopping for the best deal.

Beware of the sales representatives. They earn commissions and earn their income by bombarding you with tons of additional services you’ll never want, but with the right knowledge, you’ll be able to visit any retailer selling hot tubs with confidence , knowing exactly what you want asking the appropriate questions and remaining within your budget.

Do not be afraid to haggle. There are massive mark-ups on 5 person hot tubs, particularly when you begin adding additional features. There’s always space to bargain over the final price of your purchase. Keep in mind that you don’t require these features. There are plenty of players who are looking to make money and if they aren’t willing to bargain, go and play with someone else. Don’t overindulge and be expecting a ridiculous agreement, but it’s is never a bad idea to inquire.

The most affordable brands. In the past one of the largest Wholesale discount retailers (whose name I will not discuss) released beautiful, but not well-made range of hot tubs that cost about $5,000. They quickly sold out of hot tubs. I’m sure that most of you reading this will have an picture about the chain of stores you’re talking about. However, when the first cold snap arrived, water pipes began breaking, pumps began freezing and shells started to crack. I’m grateful that I wasn’t part of that calamity since I heard that the average of 500 tubs a day were returning to the manufacturer. The problem is that the purchasing public believes they can buy a an excellent, brand new hot tub for less than $5,000, but they won’t.

If you are offered an expensive hot tub that costs less than $5,000, it’s likely a knock-off of a lower quality made in China which will cause more damage than the price you paid for it. So be cautious about what you are investing your hard-earned money into. The old saying goes you get what you spend for.

I am of the opinion that traditional retailers of hot tubs have been undercutting the public for a long time however, they provide additional protection for the installation and warranty work that they provide when you purchase locally. This alone could be worth the extra cost and security in case you encounter any issues in the future with your tub, but you’ll have to spend anywhere from $8,000 to $14,000 for a basic well-constructed hot tub. And when you add extras like stereos, additional jets or LCD screens, the price will rise.

Where Do You Place the Hot Tub?

Installing inside: If you install your tub inside, the main issue is venting the water released from the tub. Also, it is essential to have an adequate drainage system.

Installation Outside: The more close the hot tub is to your house and your home, the less cost. The electric wires that connect through your home to the electrical panel are costly and the further away the more advantageous, not to mention the effort involved when you must dig a trench under a muddy ground to put electrical cables in.

If the tub is placed to the earth, you should remember that in a warmer climate each spring, the ground begins to melt. If your tub is placed on the ground, when the ground begins to melt in the spring, it’s going to move the burden of the water inside your tub, which can cause significant strain, and if the shell breaks it will cause major issues.

It is likely that you will need to dig a hole at least 4 feet down to reach below the frostline before pouring the concrete slab to that depth or, if being installed on a deck make sure that the deck is strong enough to handle the extra weight.

A six-person hot tub filled with water will weigh at most 5000 pounds. Without any of your wild drinking friends swimming around, so consider whether the location you’re planning to install your tub on can handle the load. In the event that it is not, then you could need to consider digging four foot-deep holes to build the concrete columns to support it. They go from just above the level of the ground or more, and then place four-inch square, pressure treated wooden posts directly under the deck’s floorjoists, or beneath the deck, to hold the weight of the tub. Four concrete columns should work well and you may be able to manage with two columns if you’ve done it correctly. A handyman or carpenter will be able to do it in case you’re not familiar with the procedure , but should it be completed, make sure to make sure you do it prior to when your tub is installed.

It’s not fun to invite all your guests at your hot tub-themed party, only to have the entire pool collapses on your deck as well as wires that are loose , with water splashing everywhere and people getting in the water. This is not the type of excitement they planned on making at your party. I can smell a lawsuit if anyone gets injured or even more serious, so why should you risk it? Make sure you do it right from the beginning.

Before you buy…

Tip: When you take the skirting covers off of the side of your tub, and examine the inside of the shell and notice that it’s been sprayed , but not all around the jet hose connections and when the foam is cut off or damaged the tub, that means the leak was in the tub and someone tried to repair it. If you see water leaks out, there is an issue and that’s why the…

Always get a tub with water.

It’s important to know whether you’re purchasing a new or used. It might have been just a bad seal but now that they know that you know, it makes for a great final-price-negotiating tool and if you are buying from a retail store, make sure that those problems were addressed and written in the warranty in case there are any problems down the road.

Hot Tub Insulation: Do You Need It?

A good insulation level is an important element in keeping your electricity costs down. You should ensure that the entire outer part of the shell has been coated with foam insulation at least 33 millimeters thick/2.5 inches (standard). 100 mm is even better. You can verify this by taking off the skirting panels around the tub’s shell.

Another excellent insulating option is the use of a thermo blanket (at at least one inch thick generally around 18 in wide, and about 30 inch long dependent on the dimensions of your tub) connected on the rear of your skirting panel inside the tub. The majority look like the shape of a rectangle of foam with a thick layer of aluminum foil over it, screwed directly to the skirting’s back within the interior the tub. (Another NASA invention filtering its way to the retail market.)

This helps keep cold from entering your tub as well as reflect the heat coming out of the pumps to the space around the tub’s inside and aids in controlling the temperature inside the tub, ensuring that your heating system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the temperature of your water exactly as you prefer it. This can result in lower heating bills each month.

Simply simply, when I get home and get in, my hot tub and find it at the temperature I had it set for the insulation I talked about works just as I’d like it to do.

Hot Tub Jets: How many? Air or water?

Jets? The number of jets you need is an individual choice, based on how many people are going to be in the tub, and the areas of your body you would like to massage. When you begin to experience 30 40 or 50, and 100 jets or more, you’ll require an additional, or perhaps an additional air or water pump be sure to keep this in mind when you are pricing out units. It is important to ensure that all jets are operating with the water and air.

Air jets or water? It’s also beneficial to have a mixture between jets, and air. The larger jets are water (jacuzzi) jets while air are smaller, 1-inch jets. They are very effective to produce different effects on various of muscle groups. Certain parts that are part of you. like your back, as an example, could require an intense, penetrating water jet massage. Other areas, such as your feet, could benefit from an air bubble massage that is gentler. It’s beneficial to have two choices.

Tips: Don’t forget to think about your feet. This is a common mistake of buyers make during the process of buying because they’re looking for that awesome LCD or stereo screen instead, and are always regretful for not receiving it. The feet take on all our body weight daily and endure a great deal of punishment. Don’t overlook to pamper your tired feet a massage, too (hydro-Reiki or as I refer to it).

Hydrotherapy massage for the entire body is the way to go according to me.

Another tip: Make sure to purchase stainless-steel jet rings, not PVC (PVC) and whatever else they prefer to call it nowadays. Plastic wears quickly according to tub use and cracks. It’s an absolute pain in the butt for changing and replace.

Do you require A Cover for Your Hot Tub Cover?

If you’re a person who experiences frigid winters, the more thick the cover the more effective. A cover that is five inches thick with four inch sides will do a great deal of work to keep the warmth inside the tub, in the place it belongs.

The majority of bathtubs come with an average three-inch-thick lid If you live in colder weather you should consider spending the extra amount for a larger cover. If your retailer doesn’t sell the tubs, you can go online to purchase one.

Allow me to pose one question: Have you had the pleasure of looking at an unattended hot tub that had the cover closed and seen steam coming from the sides, as if it was a pressure cooker, and thought”Oh, that’s cool!” As an owner of a hot tub it’s not something you’d want to see since this can lead to serious loss of heat that can lead to more expensive costs for power. It’s not good.

Another thing about covers is that if there’s an inch of fresh snow on my ground, and an inch of fresh snow over my hot tub’s cover I’m a content hot tub owner because I know I won’t lose heat directly through the cover’s top or down the sides.

If it is a snowstorm but there isn’t any snow covering your property this means that you will experience a loss of warmth which again leads to more expensive heating costs. This is not a good thing. Custom-designed, thick covers are the best. It’s among the smartest investment options.

TIP A word of caution: Tip: In Canada it is illegal to leave the cover of your hot tub not locked if there’s no person in your spa. The reason for this is that little children could easily walk over the steps and end up in the bath as has been the case several times. So be sure to close the cover when you’re not in use. Why risk an easy fix that isn’t expensive? The majority of covers are equipped with a lock and key as standard equipment. So, keep keys in a safe in a secure, locked location.

Lifters for covers are great for those who aren’t able folding the covers in two, then slide it out, and then place it against the wall. However, when you’re on your own or face physical limitations you should definitely invest in the cover lifter. A less expensive but a good purchase. The covers can be difficult to lift and can be awkward in certain situations, particularly if you’re exhausted or in any kind of discomfort. Lifters are available in a variety of models that are completely automated or come with hydraulic pumps mounted to allow for effortless movement. I recommend visiting the nearest retailer and looking them up to determine if you’re shopping with them. Every person has different requirements.