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How EV Code Signing Certificate Solves the Microsoft SmartScreen Problem

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publishing new software requires lots of work and the success of the software is contingent on the use of it. Publishing the software does not ensure its availability or used widely. Microsoft SmartScreen Filter is one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome by any new software on its quest for success.

What’s the Microsoft SmartScreen Filter?

Microsoft SmartScreen is a security function provided by Microsoft’s Windows operating system. It assists users to identify phishing and malware sites, as well as providing crucial information regarding the software they download. Unfortunately, the SmartScreen feature may cause problems even for legitimate, secure developers, which can be difficult.

You’ve done a great job in promoting your software, and a client downloads your program, however, suddenly, you get a pop-up warning message that doesn’t allow the user to download or install the program.

Microsoft Smart Screen Filtering Practices

Making Application Reputation via Microsoft SmartScreen feature can be quite challenging especially for novice software designers.

Microsoft SmartScreen has a two-step method for evaluating the downloaded software:

The first step is to check the files that users download via the internet against a database of malware-related websites, software and other programs that are not secure. When the SmartScreen Filters discover any match in the list of matches, they will notify users to block the download for security reasons. This is the initial stage, and after comparing it against all the listed websites and files then it can proceed to the next step which is another test.

The second step is to look up an extensive list of downloaded programs. If your program isn’t on that list, it’s the same and it displays an SmartScreen alert message. This can make it difficult for developers of new software to convince customers to download their application.

What EV Code Signing Certificates Help Solve Microsoft SmartScreen Problems

For large scale businesses and publishers that have a solid good standing among Google, Microsoft, and Mozilla An EV code signing certificate will not be as essential. However, if your business is relatively new or in the beginning stages of development and its name isn’t yet established and reputable, then the Microsoft SmartScreen warning message issue could be a problem. To get around this issue the use of the use of an EV certificate for signing codes can prove beneficial. Certificate Authorities Certificate Authorities take the applicant through a thorough vetting process before granting the certificate. they can take anywhere from one to five days to confirm the legitimacy of the company through a thorough review of the documents such as phone numbers, documents, etc. Because of this, Microsoft SmartScreen gives an instant credibility boost to EV code-signed software. In most instances, this leads to the elimination warnings from SmartScreen warning.

Benefits and Features of EV Certificates for Code Signing

If you’re wondering if anything unique that the EV certificate for code signing offers which a typical code signing certificate won’t be in a position to offer an overview of the advantages and features.

1. Instant SmartScreen Reputation

The primary and most significant benefit of using an EV certificate for code signing is that your program will instantly gain instant credibility through Microsoft SmartScreen. Microsoft will regard you as a trustworthy business and will minimize the warning messages and improve your reputation as a brand. Then, eventually, it will boost confidence of the end user, leading to greater downloads and higher conversion rates.

2. Two-Factor Authentication

Contrary to traditional code signing which has the private key kept locally EV Code Signing has the private key in a separate location on an USB device. The device will be sent via mail once the certificate has been purchased. Therefore, if you attempt signing your program or other executable file with the EV Code Signing certificate you’ll require the private key to be stored within the actual device to ensure that unauthorized employees aren’t allowed to transfer or fraud with your certificate.

3. Supported HSM (Hardware Security Modules) Supported

Extended Validated Code Signing Certificates are available on HSMs. Therefore, if you’re seeking to gain more control over the certificate and private keythat it holds, this function could be advantageous. Furthermore, all authorized individuals within an company can access this HSM to utilize the certificate that is stored to sign code.

4. Timestamping

Like traditional code signing and EV code signing certificates, the EV certificate for code signing also allows you of signing digitally and date your software with a private key derived from the udisk token that is provided. When the software is timestamped, it will remain for a long time after the expiration date of the original certificate.

5. Cost-effective and affordable

It may appear to be a bit odd but EV Code signing Certificates are reasonably priced and offer good value. If you take the instant confidence that comes with Microsoft SmartScreen into consideration, you’ll be amazed at how it shields the user from the hassles caused by non-EV certified software, like browser warnings that can stop downloads. It’s an excellent investment for your business to boost downloading and conversion.