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Benefits Of Using A Dedicated Translation Service

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A language translation service is essential for ensuring sustainable growth if your company serves or plans to serve customers in more than one language. Alternative? Hire native speakers to create what amounts to duplicate copies of your existing departments (marketing and customer service, sales, etc.). For each language. This is why it is difficult to understand why this approach is neither logical nor scaleable.
High-quality, tech powered UK translation services allow your company to maximize the reach, influence, and revenue-generating capacity of its communications in many languages and regions. Here are four reasons to begin first-rate translation services.

Accelerated global economic growth

In the last decade, there have been dramatic increases in the number and types of companies that use technology to boost global growth. Artificial intelligence has been a significant driver of this “Fourth Industrial Revolution”, as some are calling. According to the World Economic Forum, AI “has the potential for raising global income levels, improving the quality of lives for all people around the globe.” Technology like AI is making it possible to achieve unprecedented improvements in efficiency, productivity, information access, and human efficiency at an exponential pace.

Machine translation, in the same vein as machine translation, has transformed language into a growth driver and an operational constraint. The modern language translation service for businesses built on this technology provides a central way to operationalize languages more efficiently and at scale. AI can be a great tool to help expand your company’s reach, including a greater customer base and deeper talent pool.

Site content more precise

Once you have decided to reach new markets and expand the number of languages that your company speaks, it’s time to start thinking about how to translate your content. It should reflect the same brand message, but feel as if it was written just for one region.

Coca Cola’s famed “Share a Coke” campaign is an example of this. It printed first names on bottles designed for different countries. Coca Cola displayed cultural consideration in China by using affectionate nicknames, such as “close friend”, and “classmate” to address people.

Localization refers to the adaptation of content to specific audiences, dialects, or cultural preferences.

This type of content is not subject to changes and additions more than once a year. Therefore, these translation projects are typically not time-sensitive. Web pages are often translated once and then viewed repeatedly by thousands, if not millions, of people over many years. Therefore, they should be of the highest quality and in line with your organization’s unique style.

This method often requires more human involvement than other tech-enabled languages translations. If you have a frequently-asked questions page (FAQ) translated, the content is first transliterated by AI. Next, a team made up of human editors then a senior editor who reviews it thoroughly to verify its authenticity and accuracy.

Improved customer service

Language translation services are also able to provide customer service, which can be an area of great advantage. Like website content, customer service is also important. A staggering 92% percent of international respondents to our 2021 Global Multilingual CX Report found that poor customer services, even in their native languages, can affect their loyalty and trust towards a brand.

People also value timeliness in customer service communications, along with accuracy and cultural nuance. Another customer experience survey revealed that almost half of respondents ranked quick responses as their top priority (47%), and fast resolution (46%).

The range of professional translation services available today is not limited to machine-only, such as Google Translate, but can also include human-only options (such as a translation agency). Although machine-only options may be faster, they don’t always maintain quality. Human-only alternatives are accurate but can be costly, time-consuming, and difficult to scale. Is it possible for both to work together?

An AI-powered and human-refined translation tool can help you do this. Many allow you to quickly service new languages and improve agent productivity without the need for additional staff or significant cost. Our customer service solution AI allows teams to respond to unpredictable customer demands while maintaining or improving the most important metrics.

Unified customer experience

For customers to be loyal, it is important to provide a consistent high level of customer experience (CX) and language translation services. PwC’s research found that 33% of global consumers will abandon a brand they don’t like after one bad experience.

Human-in the-loop AI is a cost-effective way for organizations to offer customers a consistent, personalized CX regardless of their language. Our assistance helped Panasonic’s European customer support team to overcome linguistic and contextual barriers, as well as reducing their support costs by 60% in five languages. This mix of AI and human translation will enable all of your agents to speak the customer’s language.

Translate the future in action

Language translation services can help your company achieve global growth acceleration or improve multilingual customer service. Do you want to know why a combination between machine and human translation is the best?