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Reasons To Use An Explainer Video To Pitch Your Services

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It is no secret that video marketing has become a huge trend. Video marketing is a major trend. Users are more engaged with video than any other content. Thanks to mobile devices, faster Internet and easier production, video is now easier than ever.

Explainer video production is one of the best ways for new users to learn about your products or services. This is only a short video that explains what they are and how they work.

Video’s Practicality

Why aren’t more companies using explainer videos or other types of video advertising? Part of the problem is that video can be perceived as difficult to make. As a result, video production has been costly and time-consuming in the past. Businesses prefer simpler, less expensive methods. As technological resources improve, video production becomes more affordable.

It is possible to contract with a video agency for very low rates. Eddie Nuvakhov (CEO of LNC Productions), a company that specializes on explainer videos, says “Video technology is so cost-effective that almost any business can use it.” There is no reason to not use it.

Why explainer videos are so powerful

Hence why are explainer video so effective?

They’re concise. Explainer videos are concise. Robert Weiss said that online video is “the best way to communicate with business decision makers.” These videos take only a few seconds, so customers won’t be tempted to cancel. It can be hard to write in such a concise format. However, the end result is a message that resonates with your audience.
They illustrate a problem, and then a solution. Video is linear in progression with time. You can show a chain from problem to solution. For generating more sales, it is important to clearly show customers how your products or services solve their problem. This can be done through written content but it does not have the same effect.
You have the ability to get creative. You don’t have to be afraid to try new things. These videos are the best. You can include humor in your script and create new animations. Even adding music to the background can make it memorable for your viewers. David Levy (Nuvakhov’s business partner and COO at LNC Productions), says that a video that delights or surprises them will last a lifetime. You have the opportunity to enter your customer’s mind, and keep them there if you have the right creative staff.
They can be used everywhere. An explainer video can be used in many contexts after it is created. You can save it to YouTube, embed it in your website homepage, use it as an element of your landing page, and even include it in slideshow presentations. They are easy to transfer because they are concise and universal.
They are easy to use. Although explainer videos require some learning, they are easy to use and understandable for marketers. It doesn’t take long to study them or cost thousands of dollars to create one. This is why 65 percent of marketers intend to increase their video advertising budgets.
They can be used by both new and established customers. While the purpose of explainer videos is to reach potential customers, they are also useful for existing customers. This is especially true for products and services that have a learning curve. An explainer video could serve as a guide. Savannah Stewart explained that “many people are more comfortable learning visually.” The ability to convey information via video about a product or company can keep your audience’s attention for longer periods of time and make it more understandable.
They’re adaptable. You can change them easily because they are very short and easy to edit. To promote a new feature, you could add a few more seconds to the video. Or, you could experiment with different music, or a different narrative.
It’s possible to show your brand’s personality. Brand videos can reflect your brand’s personality.
It’s possible to show the benefits of your product or service firsthand. The visual and running natures of video allow you to show the benefits of your product/service first-hand. You could do a short product demonstration, or even a walkthrough with your software. This allows people to see the benefits of your product or service and puts many doubts to rest.
You have the chance to prove your worth. With visually-represented statistics, testimonials and mention of big brands that you have worked with, explainer videos can help you prove your worth as a brand.

If you are looking for inspiration to create an explainer film for your brand, but don’t know where or how to begin, take a look at what other brands have done. You will be inspired and able to start brainstorming ideas.

You’ll then need to find a method of video production. This could be scouting for an agent or you trying your hand at it yourself.