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What is Healthcare Marketing?

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Healthcare marketing is a complex process of engaging patients at the point they are on their care continuum.
Patients are keen to take back their healthcare journeys and learn more about you and your methods.

This is why it is so important to have a solid healthcare marketing strategy in place to reach new and existing patients.
What is Healthcare Marketing?

Healthcare marketing refers to the creation of communication and marketing strategies for reaching new patients. This is done by establishing open lines of communication between providers and patients. Healthcare marketing aims to provide valuable content and resources for patients across the care continuum through websites, social networks, paid advertising SEO, email marketing, video and other media.
Why is Healthcare Marketing so important?

Marketing in healthcare is crucial. We need to devise and execute strategies that will engage and educate our patients.

Marketing in healthcare should be patient-centric. This means it is focused on the patient and what they care about.

Healthcare industry is constantly evolving. Patient education, information and support are rapidly becoming the main focus.

The healthcare industry is competitive. It can be difficult to stand out in a sea of similar services and get promoted.

Healthcare marketing will allow you to stand out among your competitors via local search engines or social media platforms.

Another reason healthcare marketing is important: An effective strategy for healthcare marketing can reach potential patients, position you as a thought-leader in your field, and allow you to reach them.
Healthcare Marketing: The Benefits
1. This will increase the patient base of the practice

It is this that is the purpose of all this. Improve patient engagement by attracting and retaining patients. Healthcare marketing services that are successful should be able to do this.
2. Increase the number of local physicians referring patients to the practice

Localizing your brand will increase patient referrals.
3. Be a leader in healthcare with your doctors

Engaging your physicians in marketing campaigns through video and storytelling is a great way to help them develop thought leadership in their area of expertise.

Patients will trust them and choose them over local competitors.
4. Promote Important Medical Services

The best tools for healthcare marketing are social media marketing, website, content marketing, digital advertising and healthcare marketing. These systems allow doctors to promote and showcase their medical services.
5. Patients Experience Enhanced at the Practice

Patients can now get top-quality healthcare through the use of marketing strategies for healthcare. They also have the option to enjoy a fantastic experience with continuing education, patient portals and reviews.

Patients are also able communicate with their medical practitioner quickly and efficiently to receive and send valuable information.
6. The Healthcare Organization can expand its reach

Healthcare marketing has provided new opportunities to reach patients, share patient journeys and educate the public and patient population.

Doctors can now reach patients through patient education. They can also showcase their brand and be recognized as thought leaders in the industry. You have greater ability to generate new leads as more patients are turning to online healthcare resources.

Not only does healthcare marketing attract new patients but it also uses tracking and analytics. You can get a complete 360-degree view of your marketing activities and the best ways to grow them.
How to create a healthcare marketing strategy

Healthcare marketing strategy is leveraging a combination of offline and digital marketing channels that are specifically targeted at new and existing patients. This helps to improve patient care, increase revenue and grow the hospital system.

Over the past five decades, there has been a significant increase in the number of healthcare marketing agencies and professionals who are specializing on marketing for medical practices.

Patients are now more aware of the internet and how it can be integrated into daily life.

Constant advertising has led to patients becoming “tone deaf” about the messages they are receiving.

They also want to feel patient-centric in the advertising and marketing they consume.

It is a good thing that more potential patients are using search engines and social media platforms to get their health in their hands.

They are searching for information, practices and hospitals to help them in their quest for optimal health.

Potential patients spend 80% of their time searching online for information about specific diseases or medical problems.

Which healthcare marketing strategies for medical offices are most effective?

Patients are engaged and active online more than ever, which makes it crucial to have healthcare marketing strategies in place by 2020.

What are the best places to start when creating a medical marketing strategy?

This is not a surface-level theory, such as “create Facebook profiles”, but rather we will examine each component of a marketing strategy for healthcare.

What are the best tactics?
These are the reasons they work
Exemples and real-life case studies
Here are some instructions to get you started

You will feel ready to get started and see real growth in your practice after you have finished reading this.
Top Healthcare Marketing Strategies to Reach Patients

We have now better understood the value and benefits of healthcare market services. It is now time to look at the most efficient tips that you can leverage in your practice for converting new patients.

It can seem overwhelming to market in healthcare. We have put together these case studies and strategies to help you get started.

These are proven and tested healthcare marketing tips we share with our clients daily.
1. A website to improve patient experience

Websites are one of the most valuable digital assets for healthcare practices.

You might be able to see the benefits.

Who else can sell as many potential patients 24/7/365?

No matter what time it is, your medical website is still working hard to showcase relevant content.

The focus of great design for medical websites is on user experience. It provides clear and immediate value right from the moment a patient visits your website.

Describe who and what you are.

2. Local SEO starts with your Google My Business

The super-local aspect of any healthcare marketing strategy is crucial.

Why? Patients are usually only willing to travel so far in order to receive patient care.

It is important to be successful in local searches for any specialty or conditions that you are treating.

About 80% patients search online before making an appointment with a provider.

Google My Business is the best when it comes to medical SEO search wins.

You might be curious as to what a Google My Business listing actually is.

Google My Business allows doctors and businesses to manage Google search results.

There are a few key points that matter most when it comes to optimizing Google My Business.

Be sure to choose the most exact category (ex. The photo shows a Hand Surgeon.
Include where you are located and what your business is about in the first sentence. John Smith MD is an Arizona hand surgeon.
Completely fill in all your contact details

3. Your reputation is important, invest in patient reviews

Reviews are quickly becoming a key component in healthcare marketing strategies.

It is done for many different reasons.

The primary reason is that healthcare is now dominated by consumerism.

Patients can shop for medical services and doctors in the same manner as they shop for items on Amazon. They research and then read reviews.

A staggering 92.4% percent of online reviewers read them. This is quite a shocking number. It is important to have a good reputation in healthcare and any other industry.

….reviews, which we also mentioned, is another local ranking factor that Google My Business uses to rank it.

Positive reviews are the best way for you to rise to the top of the rankings.

For those who are just starting out, it is important to establish a solid workflow for asking patients for their reviews.

It is possible to automate as many of the processes as possible using reputation management software for physicians.

4. Great content is the foundation of on-page SEO

A favorite of mine is the following: “If your goal is to rank for it,” I tell providers.

It means that you must have well-structured, high-quality content on your website if your focus specialties or procedures are to be found in the local search results.

Let’s say, for instance, you have an orthopedic practice that would like to be ranked #1 in your market for your Spine Surgery Department.

We would suggest that you create a very detailed page on spine surgery on your website. This should include who, what, where, and common questions.