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What Is ‘Media Relations’?

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When we hear the word “media relations what do you imagine? If you’re a fan of television shows, you may believe it’s part of the police department to communicate with the media regarding incidents. If you’re in the business world you may think it’s the same as PR. Perhaps you’ve seen the word “PR” pop up in conversations, but don’t exactly what it is. Be assured that we all have started somewhere which is why media relations can be a specific marketing area that many companies don’t think about in the beginning of their existence. But what exactly is relations and do you really need it? company really requires?

What is ‘Media Relations‘?

From an outside perspective from the outside, public and media relations appear alike. If we consider what media relations is actually defined its purpose is clearer:

Working with media to inform the general public about an organization’s goals, policies and practices in an efficient, consistent and reliable way.’

Therefore, media relations is all about building and maintaining close connections with the media and making use of them to advertise your business. Your business may utilize multiple media outlets to share your story, ranging from television to magazines or radio stations, even newspapers. Utilizing the power and influence of the media, you’ll be able to build more influence and gain trust with prospective customers.

Now, you may be wondering if this is different than PR?’ which is understandable and it is surprisingly simple to explain. The reason is that while the basic goal is the same that they handle the relationship between your business and a third-party – the focus is different. In PR you’re dealing with your public and customers directly. If your company provides information that is intended to influence a person’s behavior, like getting them to purchase or visit your store or to visit your store, then you’re conducting Public Relations, also known as PR. Media relations is centered on the interactions of your business with the media. As such, it’s not as a result of the actual audience, however it has a greater chance than an impact. In essence media relations is focused on getting your message (and the ROAR) heard to as many people as you can via the media.

What are the advantages from Media Relations to Business?

As with any marketing endeavor media relations can be extremely successful and beneficial to your company provided you put your time and energy into it correctly. Finding publicity for your company is a game changer, especially when you’re a young company that is struggling to get into the market. Incorporating media relations into your marketing strategy can provide your company many various benefits. The advantage is that the approach is able to be tailored to the goals of your business. But, here are a few of the greatest benefits any company could reap from media relations:

Building Brand Anonymity

The first and most important thing will be the reality that putting your business name mentioned in the media can dramatically boost your brand’s visibility. Media relations can help you to get your company’s name into the public eye and gives you an opportunity to inform people about your business and why you’re doing it, and the reasons you’re the best at your job.

Enhance Credibility

Customers expect companies to guss up and proclaim that they are the best. It’s something that is expected in marketing. This is why any kind of third-party endorsement will go a long ways in converting potential customers who are on the fence. Third-party endorsements are an excellent method to establish your credibility on the market and create trust in your customers prior to them buying and is a one of the benefits of having media coverage. In the end, the media only publish stories that they believe that their readers will find interesting which adds a great deal in credibility and trust to your company immediately.

Increase Traffic

As with any other form in marketing, the paths should connect on your web page. Any kind of press coverage generally leads to an increase in searches for your brand on Google users who are looking specifically for your company name. This is not surprising since people are eager to know more about you after reading about your company in the news. Additionally, you’ll likely see an increase in your social media followers. Press coverage that is well-placed will result in a massive influx of visitors to your site and boost your social media followers and increase your SEO rankings simultaneously.

Cost savings

A well-planned PR strategy can allow a company to save money on labor and other expenses, as properly trained employees will be more productive, and companies will not need to spend more on marketing and advertising.

Naturally, the winning formula is a mix of excellent PR and excellent media relations. When you are able to reach your market directly and via the media you’re effectively increasing your odds of impressing them and converting potential customers into customers. Media relations are a key aspect in creating brand recognition, increasing credibility and trustworthiness, and most important, it can help establish relationships with potential customers.