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What is video production?

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Simply put it’s the process of creating video content. It could refer to anything from a simple video you took with your phone to a thought out sales video that is filmed by a media production firm. If you choose to work with us, production of video involves everything from brainstorming and reaching an agreement on a design and the details of shooting the video, all the way through to the final editing and the delivery of your video.

The rapid growth in smartphone and internet use in the past few years has resulted in consumers are now watching more videos. This also means that for companies videos are an excellent opportunity to interact with your audience to build brand recognition increase sales, and provide information. Instead of thinking of videos as something you’d take from Blockbuster or view on MTV consider video content as a fascinating new method to expand your business.

Video production also is comprised of:

Promotional video production
explainer video production
Corporate videos of the company
videos for your social media platforms
training videos
Practical case study videos
Branded short films
aerial videos & time lapse videos
and many more!

Who is the creator of video content?

When you hear the words “video videos’ or ‘content’, the initial image is likely to be of teens who use Snapchat and Instagram influencers who create Instagram stories. A large portion of video content is created by users on social media. But, for professionally produced or edited video, the majority of media businesses, corporations and companies use video production firms. They can efficiently control the entire process from beginning to the very end.

Who are the people who use video content?

Everyone! In the last few years, video content on the internet is being viewed by all demographics. But, be cautious because this doesn’t mean that each kind of video is appealing to all demographics. In the discussion below understanding your target demographic and what kind of video best fits to your needs is crucial. This is another benefit of working with a Birmingham video production firm like ours. We have expertise in creating various types of video content, therefore we are able to find out more about the audience you want to target and then tailor the content to suit the purpose you want to serve.

Why is your company in need of video content?

Video content is crucial.

Not sure what this means for you or your company?

By 2024, video-related content will make up 80percent of all internet traffic for consumers. That means that you will no longer be able to overlook the benefits of video production for your company. The professional video services can assist you expand your market segments, increase credibility and involvement to your online presence , and increase conversion rates among other advantages.

The advantages of video content

Everyone watches more video, does this suggest that you can add a video to your landing page without thinking? Absolutely not. Before you engage an agency to produce videos it is important to understand what the advantages of video can bring to your company so you make the most of the video content you create.

Here are a few advantages of using web-based video content include:

Dwell time-video content can increase how long users spend on your website
Video is a quick and effective method of communicating information to investors, customers and employees
Research suggests that including a portion employees in a commercial increases the confidence in your business
Videos can increase sales. Including an advertisement with video in the description of the product increases the likelihood of the product being purchased by 35%.
Newsletters and emails with videos have much more click-through rates
They are lazy! They would rather watch videos rather instead of reading!

Selecting the best type of video production that is suitable for your business

What do you want to accomplish using video content?

What’s your goal?

Before you start, be sure you are aware of the goals you intend to achieve with videos. What do you think your company currently require? Perhaps you’d like to create a video to boost your online marketing or lead generation? Maybe you’ve got a new product or a message you’d like to share? You’re trying to expand your business and require a compelling video to help build brand awareness and engage online?

After you’ve answered the questions and have clearand specific goals You’ll notice that your entire project will go more efficiently and remain on the right path. Ideally the professional who produces your video will walk through this process along with you. We enjoy doing this with each of our clientsand frequently refer to it whenever we make decisions to ensure that we know we’re heading to the proper direction when it comes to the video we produce.

Know your audience

The type of video that’s most appropriate for you will be determined by the target audience. If you’re not certain which audience you’re targeting or if you’d like to expand or redirect your viewers, our team can assist you develop a marketing strategy by developing personas for your marketing. A clearly-defined, well-thought-out marketing strategy that has a clear the target viewers will make sure that the video content will be viewed by the ideal customer.

Make sure you craft your message

Deciding on the message that you would like to communicate through your video is in tandem with research into your target viewers and is an important stage in the production process. We can help you discover your voice. This means that while we are considering the primary purpose behind your video, we ensure that we contribute to developing, promoting, and strengthening your brand.

The best place to begin is to choose the type of format and style for your video, since it is a significant aspect of how you present your message. According to the theorist of media, Marshall McLuhan famously put it”the video is just the medium’. We are able to advise you on the best type of video content that is right for you.

To conclude…

Video is an effective and ever-growing instrument for business. In addition to being an appealing medium for online users, but it offers a wide range of applications for businesses. We’re just beginning to investigate the possibilities of video content. We’re eager to see the possibilities we can develop for your business.

We’re eager to continue sharing our knowledge as we build our video production business. We hope that amateurs, video enthusiasts and business owners will benefit from sharing our experience. We’ve been there and are planning to discuss our experiences and the things we’re learning as we progress.