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What You Need to Know to Import Goods from China to the U.S.

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China has been the chosen country of origin for many kinds imported goods for some time. The good news? Import/export is experiencing a period of rapid growth. There is ample room for everyone to take part in this industry.
China is a top destination for importers as Chinese products can be sold in America or online at a healthy cost.

Like any type of importing, it is important to pay attention and be familiar with the applicable tariffs, regulations, duties, and other documents. This could lead to heavy fines or delayed shipping. Please be cautious! The exact requirements you have to fulfill as an importer could vary depending on which type of commercial goods you are importing from China to USA.

We will outline below the essential information you need to know to import goods from China.

1. Choose your commercial goods carefully and check that they are legal to be imported

You might choose a product which does not comply with regulations, but only in very rare instances. However, most of the time the product will be allowed to enter. For more information on how to ensure you make the right decision, refer to the U.S. Import Guidelines and China’s Exporting Laws.

2. Your documentation should be in order

Begin by taking the time to identify any permits or licenses that you might require. Sometimes you might not need them. This will be done through various U.S. governmental agencies. On the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol site (CBP), you can find information on how to obtain the necessary licences for different goods.

Please wait for your application approval before you place an order for import.

3. Consider whether you’ll need assistance.

Being an independent importer is a highly entrepreneurial decision. However, you need to be able recognize areas where your business will need outside help.

Importation can be made much more simple by using customs brokers. A broker facilitates communication between you, the appropriate government agencies, helps you understand import/export regulations, fills out required paperwork, and can even help you with your paperwork!

4. Send your Importer security filing (ISF/10+2)

This document contains information about the shipment that you have sent to U.S. Customs before it is received. You should also note that you must file this document the day before your shipment leaves the port. A large fine will be imposed if this document is not filed. You can find more information on the CBP website.

5. Additional import documents are required

After your commercial goods have been shipped to the destination port you will have only five days to submit all documentation. CBP must accept your documents before you file other documents (or import is cleared). These documents are: Bill of Lading (BOL), packinglist, commercial invoice, certificate o origine, customs bond, and delivery sheet

6. Time to arrange for pick up!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully imported goods from China. To pick it up, you will need a commercial carrier company to transport the goods to a warehouse or to your resellers.

This process does not have to intimidate you. It can be difficult at first to grasp, but it is worth your time to learn how to move goods from China and clear customs in the U.S.

It’s a profitable venture and you can build your business by following the correct guidelines.