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Why do evacuation chairs have tracks as well as wheels?

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With regards to helping somebody who battles with mobility problems, like a wheelchair user, who must exit a putting together through a stairway either via descent or ascent, tracked evacuation chairs are an important piece of kit. The handler demands the chair being manoeuvrable. The wheels and tracks make the ideal partnership for optimum manoeuvrability. The chairs are designed to immediately use both technologies for particular roles.
What’s the intent behind the wheels?

The wheels enable the evacuation chair to be pushed along flat surfaces, like landings and floors to the stairway. It’s really lightwork to steer. With all the evacuee safely secured within the chair through a safety harness for comfort and security.
What’s the intent behind the path?

The tracks enter into play whenever the chair is tilted back prepared to climb and down the stairs. They’re especially created to cause friction between the chair and also the stairs to make the chair stick on the stairs and thus simple to manoeuvre. Thus, the tracks make the chair secure and simple to work with on stairs when holding a passenger.

Can it be feasible to transport individuals with various sizes and also weights in evac chairs?

The manufacturer’s brochure or site will state the weight limit for those chairs. Evacuation seats will be able to have a selection of individuals from little kids up to bariatric patients.

Based on the product you decide on, our tracked evacuation seats have a load capacity from 150 to 227 kilogrammes. Our team is able to suggest you on which chair/s is going to suit you building best.
You will find tracks for wheels and stairs for flat surfaces.


It is practical and simple very. The tracks and wheels are all needed for optimum manoeuvrability and safety. Find out whether you need evacuation seats at your premises.