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Why Use An Apprenticeship Scheme?

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Apprenticeships have become increasingly popular in the UK. In 2020/21 there were 509 400 apprenticeships established in England. This is 9,500 more than the previous years. Apprenticeships can be used for a variety of job roles, including legal services, banking, and engineering. What skills and abilities can an apprentice bring to your company? We are here to share the top ten reasons you should invest in an apprenticeship gov for your company’s benefit.
10. Motivation, Energy and Enthusiasm

Companies often forget that apprentices don’t work to make a lot of money. Apprentices are not working to earn a large salary. They have signed up for the job in order to acquire and develop valuable skills that will help them in their future jobs, within or outside of the company. Apprentices need to be passionate about what they do. They will have to be able and willing to learn the skills necessary to succeed.

9. Increase Your Workforce

Apprenticeships are mainly for young people. This is a great way to bring energy, excitement, and innovation to your workforce. It will also help improve productivity. You can also benefit from their new, up-to date skills. It is important to remember that apprentices can give back to you, even as you teach them the essential skills.

8. Cost Effectiveness

Apprenticeships can be a good investment. 59% agree with the employer that it is economically feasible to train apprentices. Many apprentices receive a full-time job within the same company at the end of their apprenticeship. This makes it more worth the time and money spent. The company will still make their time worthwhile by providing training and making available their resources for the future.

7. Fill your Skill Gaps

Apprentices have the ability to bring unique skills to your company. This means that apprentices who are tailored to your business’ needs can increase production. It also combines the skills of each employer to enhance each other’s abilities. Employers and apprentices work together.

6. Give Back to the Economy

Hiring an apprentice will help you fight unemployment and build a future workforce. Research has shown that young people are impressed when they discover that you have apprentices. This could be a sign that customers will prefer to do business only with socially responsible companies than with those who don’t.

5. You can attract the most talented new talent.

Many people choose apprenticeship to increase and validate their skills within a specific industry. To gain employment in your company, they will be willing to share what they have to offer. You might meet an apprentice with the exact skill you are searching for. These apprentices may not be familiar with the workplace and are unable to transfer their work ‘habits’.

4. Benefit your Business

Apprentices are a great addition to your business. Apprentices can benefit your business in many ways, from the training provided by respected training organizations to their ability to increase staff loyalty to being a valuable part your team.

3. Increase your bottom line

Employers receive funding to hire apprentices. Because of the potential for lower recruitment and training costs, it is cheaper to train apprentices rather than hire skilled staff. Hiring apprentices will increase productivity and benefit the entire company.

2. Apprentices can be made to fit specific job roles

No matter what role is vacant in your company, an apprentice can fill it. Apprentices can be flexible and tailored to your requirements. An apprentice can make your business more efficient as there will be someone to fill every role.

1. Learn from the experts

The apprenticeship program is not just for the apprentices, but also for the entire company. Employing an apprentice can help to teach new skills to the whole workforce. An apprenticeship can be a great way for workers to validate their business skills. Apprentices can also gain the confidence and talents needed in their chosen field.