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Dab Tools: The Ultimate Guide

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If you’re looking for an eRig or you’re an experienced dabbing enthusiast tools can make a huge difference. Read our most recent blog for information on everything you need to know about the dab tool and tips on how to select the best one for your requirements.

If you’re shopping for a dab rig or if you’re a seasoned dabbing fan tools can make a big difference. We’ll be going through everything you need to know about dab tools and how to choose the one that is best suited to your requirements. Find out how dab tools, ranging starting with the carb cap and ending up at the nail, are vital components of any set-up and how they will help you get your work done!

What is what is a Dab Tool?

Simply put, a dab device is an instrument designed to make dab rigs simpler to use. They’re employed in order to put the THC concentration to the dab nail. They are available in a variety of designs and materials and can be basic or elaborate. Dabbing has become increasingly popular, the selection of products that are available has increased which allows users to enhance their experience with dabbing in many different ways.

What is the Dab Tool Utilized?

Dab rigs, also known as dabbers are utilized to alter the THC concentrate by making use of dab equipment. Most of the time, THC concentrates are harder to control than conventional flower and therefore, tools are a vital element in the procedure. Concentrates are made of a range of forms, ranging including resins and oils that are sticky to crumbly or fragile forms such as crystal concentrates.

Knowing what types of concentrates are available can assist you in making an informed choice about the instrument you’ll need to use to make using the most enjoyable experience.


Dabbing originated from the vaporization of wax concentrates which is the reason dabbing became so popular. Concentrates of wax can be sticky and they really benefit from using dabbing tools since they can create an enigma to deal with otherwise. Wax is the most common concentrate for dabbing, and it is the primary reason why dabbing tools have been designed in such a large amount.


Oil is a different type of THC concentrate that is extremely sloppy and difficult to control. Although it is not ideal for the usage of tools, they could be used to make oil easier to handle should it be required. Sometimes the oils may be thicker and tools could be your best choice to use them with ease. Additionally, they can be extremely delicious, and tools can influence the taste the concentrates you make, which is why knowing about them is essential.


Shatter is a concentrated substance that’s very glass-like in its form and color. It’s a crystallized variant of THC and is believed as solid and stable. Shatter in its various forms are fragile and have a tendency to fracture easily which is why the name given to it. Although most THC concentrates are potent, shatter is extremely sturdy.


Based on the method employed to make crumble, it can be a manageable form that contains THC. It happens when oil is whipped in the creation process. Based on the quantity it has been whipped, the crumble may break into fragments that are easy to inject or be broken down further to create an indefinite dust.


Produced by a method which only requires temperatures as well as pressure. Rosin has been the most popular product in the THC concentrate market because of its cost-effective manufacturing process. Rosin’s quality can vary, as it’s a great way to use lower quality cannabis in a stronger form, however most of the time it produces an extract that falls roughly between a heavy oil and a more sticky shatter.

What to keep in mind regarding tools

With the many choices there are available nowadays there are some things to consider when you’re choosing the best dabber. The number of choices available is somewhat overwhelming, but we’ve pared the options down to precisely what you need to consider when shopping.


Dabbing tools are made out of a variety of substances However, not all of them are created equally. In general, you should select products that are of good quality and are heat resistant. There are certain materials that are widely used and are recommended when purchasing tools.

Quartz It is a popular material that is used in dab tools since it’s tough and is able to heat up quickly however it can lose heat quite quickly. Also, many people believe that the characteristics of quartz gives the best taste when dabbing.

Titanium is the strongest option. When purchasing an instrument made of titanium it is a guarantee that you’re buying the tool to last. Titanium should only be purchased when it’s medical-grade titanium as it is durable and light.

Ceramic Ceramic Ceramic can provide greater heat retention over time and is quite durable. Although it may not be as flavorful like quartz does, but it offers better flavor than metal alternatives like stainless steel and titanium.

Glass Most of the time glass tools provide the whimsy of the dabbing experience as the majority of them are hand-crafted and made to specifications. Glass is more delicate than the other substances mentioned, however it is beautiful and performs well if you’re cautious.


There are a variety of styles available in the selection of dab tools, and every kind has a use. They are suited to various types of concentrates and the correct tip or design will make a difference. Some dabbers resemble dental tools, but other are more pleasant to eat. They can even be heated to cut tough or sticky focus with ease, however while doing this, you risk overheating the material.

It is the Paddle – Paddle dabbers with a tipped tip are the most versatile generally, allowing the use of various concentrates. Paddles can be utilized in many ways, based on the substance.

The Scoop is ideal for use with a liquid, since they have a an oblique divot that is similar to the spoon. They work efficiently with waxes and oils.

The Pick The Pick Pick ends are most effective to work with isolates such as shatter and wax or other sticky substances.


Dab tools are available with options that allow them to be more than a one-time tool. In recent times the dab tools are beginning to have carb caps that are designed to carbohydrate your dab in order to regulate the flow of air when you dab. Some carb caps include silicone attachments that permit the suction of oil directly into the dabbing tool. As time passes the capabilities of dabbing tools will surely grow and be more efficient.


This might be surprising However, not all dab devices are the same for portability neither are they all equally portable. Some are just too big to be tucked away and concealed while others are loaded with attachments and are not suitable for traveling. When you’re choosing tools for dabbing you’ll want the most lightweight options.