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Do Dogs Need Life Jackets?

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Before taking your pet swimming or boating this summer, it is important to think about some safety measures. One of the more basic, simple items you are able to do to make sure your pup’s safety while swimming is investing in a sturdy dog life jacket or even swim vest.

Several dog results in as well as personalities are much more naturally suited to swimming, while others could be downright or hesitant panicky with regards to water sports. Whether your dog is a Michael Phelps of canines (looking at you, retrievers) or maybe not, it is generally a wise decision to strap the pooch of yours up in a dog life jacket before impacting the water.

How can I Know If My Dog Requires a Life Jacket?

When you are going boating or maybe diet plan to invest considerable time in or perhaps near water, it is advisable to strap the dog of yours using a dog life vest, just like you do. While it is much more needed for many animals whose bodies are not naturally suitable for French bulldogs, pugs, corgis, like dachshunds, or swimming, including most energized, water friendly breeds could tire, get caught, or maybe fight in rushing water. And as with every item of dog clothes, make sure you permit them to become used to the life span vest before you reach the waves (treats as well as incentives are able to assist with this particular part!)

What to search for in a golden retriever life jacket

  1. Buoyancy

Constantly look at the weight limit as well as see the description carefully to ensure that the swim vest you are purchasing for your dog is created to hold the weight of theirs in water.

  1. Visibility

Features like bright, fluorescent fabric as well as reflective trim and accents are able to enable you to monitor the pet of yours, particularly in murkier lake or maybe pond water.

  1. Rescue Handle

A durable top handle helps it be simple so that you can raise the dog of yours outside of the water in case they start to be tired or distressed.

  1. Adjustability

Search for adjustable vests to support you guarantee your pooch gets the very best, most comfy fit possible.

Dog Swimming Safety Tips

Do not go out of your dog unattended and unwatched near water, even in case they’re using a life jacket.
Always be sure there is a simple way for your dog to escape the drinking water.
Beware of blue green algae in ponds – it’s deadly to dogs.
And a great rule around faith plus water quality: In case you would not swim in the water, it is best never to allow your dog swim in it, also.