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How to clean your caravan

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While virtually every caravan owner gets enthusiastic about the brand new season beginning, there is one drawback – the unavoidable significant clean which can keep an entire day.

Getting your pleasure and satisfaction back up to par is no mean feat that is the reason we have created this guide; to help you get your caravan very quickly so that you are able to concentrate on the fun things.

Very first things first, caravans are quite large so it is not surprising that there is a good share of products you will have to need to hand before you begin.
What you will need:

• Ladder – pick one that is multifunctional and has a platform/scaffold plate for difficult to achieve areas

• Hose – or in case you do not obtain one, lots of buckets of water that is warm

• Sponge/Caravan Cleaning Brushes

• Long handled mop/scrubbing brush – in case you are able to get hold of an extendable one next a lot far better (saves purchasing its own brush of the components you are able to reach!)

• Microfibre cloths – have a few in different sizes, they are ideal for each achieving as well as drying smear free windows

• Caravan shampoo & window cleaner – we have discovered Fenwicks to function as the very best caravan cleaner but any professional brand name will do

• Finishing wax

• Tooth brush (or some little brush)
Having started

  1. Rinse the caravan lower with warm water or maybe a hose pipe to ease some dirt.
  2. Start at the top and work your way down. By doing this you will stay away from dirt dripping onto areas which have actually been cleaned.
  3. Set the ladder up inside a stable spot as well as make use of the very long handled brush and also caravan cleaner to handle the top, being very careful never to unbalance yourself.
  4. When all of the algae and soil were lifted, rinse everything off.
  5. Undo the skylights and also dismantle them to wash completely. Try using a toothbrush for just about any nooks and crannies.
  6. Wash the caravan’s sides working with a professional shampoo and appropriately sized brush. Rinse down when finished.
  7. Clean the muck from the glass windows and rinse down, ensuring to rinse any dirt which will get on the freshly cleaned sides.
  8. Dry off any water & finish and have a window cleaner to have an enviable shine.
  9. For the wheels, use a brush and caravan better or maybe sponge for getting off of the majority of the grime, then go back in with a toothbrush for just about any uncomfortable places.
  10. Dry most surfaces with a cloth to stay away from smears & streaks. When you are finished, paint a finishing wax for additional protection and shine.
    Best tips for cleaning the caravan of yours

• Caravans have different paint and bodywork to cars so do not use car shampoo – it is extremely abrasive and will scratch the exterior

• Washing up fluid could additionally be way too strong (yes, really!) and also result in corrosion

• Check the handbook for just about any cleaning products the company advises against

• Be more cautious when rinsing – you do not wish to harm the seals and also drip water into the caravan

• This also suggests you need to stay away from great pressure washers or maybe steam products (unless you have to wear them for persistent marks, in which case be more mindful anywhere you make use of them)

• Choose a cloudy morning for cleansing – in case it is sunny subsequently the grime may begin to dry out again on before you have finished