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Reviewing Elux Vaping Flavours

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The market for disposable vape devices continues increase and get better every single day. Their convenience and the variety of flavors available make them difficult to ignore, in comparison against the poor quality of the earlier versions. This time, I’ve been requested to review Elux Legend Mini. Elux Legend Mini, and I was delighted to do so.

The device measures 10-cm (4in) long and 2cm square, and comes in a variety of colors that correspond to the taste of the device (e.g. that the Fresh Mint is light green; Pink Lemonade is white and yellow). The mouthpiece is shaped at one end, the other houses the blue LED which illuminates as soon as the device gets activated via drawing and then flashes 10 times once the device has been used (each is approximately 600 puffs/2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid 20mg). It also functions as the place to put the airflow that is fairly tight. I did not experience any leakage or spitback. Elux Legend Mini is capable of producing a pleasing-sized cloud that isn’t too big.

Blueberry Bubble Gum Bubble gum flavors are always enjoyable to look at. Blueberry and blueberry do not disappoint, recalling childhood memories of being awarded for good behavior in the supermarket with a token to be put into the sweet machine that I was choice.

Blueberry Pomegranate – A strong combination of juicy cool blueberries with pomegranate that is fresh and tart The flavor combo is a great one to include in your Elux menu. Both fruits are not overpowering the other, and gives the possibility that it will become blueberry or pomegranate-lover’s favorite.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry – As I’ve mentioned before it’s a typical flavor that is a starter as a stand-alone flavor, but raspberries are often left at the end of winter. This take on the mix wasn’t so much “sour” as it was a menthol (the “jump-down-your-throat-and-scrub” type). If you’re able to stay through that initial blast (usually around a several puffs) the mentholy-like taste fades and you’ll get a more typical blueberry taste. There’s not a lot of raspberry to taste and there’s not much that can be described as “sour” (though it is, being fair that is not easy to master in the most ideal of circumstances). It’s not bad, but not exactly what I’d consider an overall winner.

Clear – A less “in the face of mint”-version that is a more subtle version of Fresh Mint, this flavour offers a mild taste of spearmint and the added benefit of cooling. I’d even go as that I’d compare it with vaping a flavorless e-liquid There’s a subtle sweetness which one could attribute to the sweetness inherent in the VG (vegetable glycerin) ingredient in the e-liquid.

Fresh Mint Fresh Mint is a possible option for people who have enjoyed smoking menthol cigarettes that had a full flavour (me! ) It is similar to a piece of chewing gum with spearmint.

Fuji Melon – This Elux Mini is described as an amalgamation of melon and red apples. The result is an energizing red apple, that is paired with delicious cantaloupe. I was skeptical initially but it soon grew on me.

Grape – As with many single-flavoured options available (apple blueberry, watermelon, and apple to mention just a few) Grape is one which can perform or not. It is either a flavor that has an overwhelming artificial taste or it’s a luscious and juicy experience. The flavor isn’t quite on the sweet end of the spectrum, nor is it at the artificial end. It’s between the two, however I’d be hesitant to label this “muted” and “flat.” If you prefer a mild flavor it might be a good fit for you. In the event that you don’t, then you might be able to give it a miss.

Mango Ice Mango Ice – The vibrant sweet and tart mango flavour, with a pleasant coolness on the exhale. I am a huge fan of mango-flavored vapes, so this was an easy option to be among my top picks from the line of disposables.

Mr. Blue Mr Blue is described as a blend of blueberry blackberry and raspberry The bar has delicious and sweet with a dark berry flavor with a cooling chill throughout.

Pink Lemonade Pink Lemonade is a taste that is wildly unpredictable it can taste of pink lemonade mix, other times strawberry lemonade, and sometimes neither. It’s a good thing that this flavor is a huge hit. It has the authentic flavor of pink lemonade the tartness of fresh lemons makes it the perfect vape for the beach in the sun.

Sour Apple I immediately became a lover of this flavor, it reminds me of tart green apple that is finished with a cooling sensation when exhaling.

Strawberry Ice Cream – A delicious combination of fresh strawberry and creamy sweet cream. anyone could be fooled into thinking that they were eating a bowl filled with strawberry ice cream than consuming a vape.

Strawberry Kiwi In the past, I’ve had the experience of finding the strawberry flavor, when mixed with other fruits can overwhelm. However, this isn’t the case as the kiwi flavor is also present and creates a silky and delicious end product.

Tiger Blood Tiger Blood is described as “an energy drink-inspired flavor with a refreshing touch of menthol to give an icy, icy finish”, Tiger Blood is one of a kind flavor. Does it meet the description? Well, not quite. There is an odor of menthol but that’s the only thing it’s. A hint. The majority of others Elux Legend flavours that have menthol, it’s present all through its life to various degrees, but Tiger Blood barely has any. In terms of it’s “energy beverage-inspired” aspect, it has nothing to do with Tiger Blood, which is the world’s most (in)famous beverage (that could, or might give you wings). Tiger Blood is, to me the red berry flavor. While it’s not an unpleasant taste, it did not make me think of an energy drink.

Watermelon Ice I’m always thrilled when I’m invited to write a review on a new watermelon flavor, and I discovered that this Elux Mini to be very great. A sweet watermelon with a refreshing chill provides a boost to the throat from nicotine.

White Peach Razz – I was thinking that either the peach or the raspberry to dominate in this mix, but to my delight, they are equally balanced, and create a delightfully fruity and slightly tart mix.

Vimto In case you aren’t aware, Vimto (as a drink) was created from Blighty (for our transgressions) it is mixture of blackcurrant, Raspberry and Grape (there are spices and herbs as well, but in terms of flavours, they’re not very memorable). In a glass, it is delicious. There have been numerous attempts at creating an Vimto flavored vape. Some have been great however, others were mediocre and others, surprisingly, were just plain awful. For me, the Elux effort Elux is actually quite good. It is a bit skewed towards an a lot more blackcurrant-based style of Vimto and does tend to be more of an Ribena style flavor rather as opposed to one that is a Vimto one. But, do not let this detract you from what is honestly, a fruity flavor that is likely to become an all-day vape for a lot of people.