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What Does a New RV Owner Need?

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It’s a great experience to drive on your first camping trip. However, once you get to the campsite, you may realize that you should have packed a few essentials to help your trip go smoothly.
If you’re planning to leave your driveway, let’s review additional equipment that can make a difference in stress and hassle on your inaugural camping adventure. We’ve compiled information about equipment for your travel trailer that you might not have known you needed.
What Does a New Owner of an RV Need?

Every kind of vehicle for recreational use requires a specific accessories. There are some essentials for all RVs. The majority of them fall into the category of water system equipment such as a freshwater hose and tank treatment.

Also, you’ll need a surge protector to protect the electrical system. Also, keep extra fuses and replacement light bulbs in your bag. These accessories can ruin your camping trip. Take note of them.

What Are the Must-Haves for a Travel Trailer?

The category of travel trailers of RVs comes with its own requirements for equipment. Fifth-wheel trailers and pull-behind models require stabilizers. Motorhomes may only occasionally require the support of blocks for leveling. Modern travel trailers could include automatic levelers.

The main difference between travel trailers as well as campers is the method by which they are transported to a campsite. A fifth wheel, as an example, requires the use of a hitch mounted on the truck bed.

Certain fifth wheels and trailers do not come with an alternate source of power like motorhomes. It is possible that you will need to buy the generator that is specifically to your vehicle. It’s a substantial investment, as opposed to the accessories we have listed below, so it’s important to weigh it when initially buying your trailer.

Consider what trailer kits & accessories you will require to buy a travel trailer before purchasing one. These essential items will make your trip to the campsite more enjoyable.

1. Surge Protector 30 amp

The safety of your electrical system is of the utmost importance as a lightning strike or power surge can render your electrical system useless. A surge protector will help you monitor ‘clean’ electricity coming from any camping electrical post and report amp draw and voltage.

Surge protectors can shut off electrical power if they are unstable. This could save your wiring and appliances.

2. RV Leveling Ramp Blocks

These leveling blocks were designed for travel trailers and can be utilized to level your vehicle as well as act as chock blocks between two axles.

They are non-slip and may be placed underneath anti-slip mats.

3. 90-Degree Hose Elbow

A 90-degree elbow is a good choice on trailers with an outside water intake fitting. This can reduce the strain of having to remove the hose off and then put it back on. The elbow joint will take most of the pressure of screwing and unscrewing the hose.

This brass elbow comes with an easy connector to grasp.

4. Water Pressure Regulator Valve

Every campsite experiences a change in pressure of water. It’s not worth worrying about damaging your water system. To avoid high water pressure blowouts, you need a reliable pressure regulator.

The attached gauge displays the factory-set PSI However, it can be adjusted by using the help of a screwdriver.

5. 50-foot drinking water hose for drinking

If you are planning to fill your tank with water or use the water at the campground to wash your trailer for travel, you’ll require a freshwater hose. Make sure that your drinking and freshwater water lines separate from your sewer line.

To distinguish the hose from others that might be used to clean your drain, you’ll require the most distinctive colored drinking hose.

6. RV Sewer Hose Support

Your sewer hose must be kept off the ground in most campsites that offer complete hookups. An RV sewer hose support can do exactly that and is a crucial travel trailer accessory. It slants the hose downwards so gravity can do its work. It shields the hose from punctures and damage.

7. Happy Camper RV Holding Tank Treatment

The new campers could have black tank odors on the top of their list when they take off for a camping adventure. Happy Camper Holding Tank Treatment can aid in avoiding this issue.

This odor neutralizer breaks down smells, without covering the smell with perfume. It also helps to liquefy waste, and it works well in extreme temperatures.

8. Kit 20-Foot RV Sewer Hose

The task of emptying the black tank is not something which anyone would like to do. However, this Camco Rhino FLEX sewer kit makes it easy and easy. It comes with two collapsible 10′ sewer hoses , which you can connect to extend the length.

9. Collapsible Dish Drying Rack

If your camper has an kitchen sink, you may not think that you’ll require this collapsible drying rack. This accessory can be pulled out of your travel trailer at any time if you have limited space.

10. Collapsible Measuring Cups and Spoons

And while on the topic of collapsible items do you want to purchase measuring cups that can be collapsible? A majority of RVers appreciate anything that becomes smaller as you store it.

There are a myriad of accessories for your travel trailer.

You can see that many of these items are necessary for maintaining the cleanliness of your camping site. We also included several useful items to help you have a more enjoyable experience. In fact, you have likely discovered that you can’t get too many camping trailer accessories.