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Where Is It Possible To See Fireworks?

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Guy Fawkes Night is the night that the skies of Britain are usually lit with lights. However , there are a lot of other celebrations around the world that have amazing fireworks as their centerpiece.

It isn’t known exactly what inspired fireworks but most experts agree that the unknown inventor came from China more than 2200 years ago. As the Chinese began to utilize green bamboo in rituals of worship, people would throw pieces of it over an open flame. What they didn’t expect was that, when the bamboo began to burn the bamboo exploded into an intense sound. Their belief was that it would make spirits fearful and they were used at numerous happy events to deter evil. So the concept of a modern firework was found. After a few years, with gunpowder’s brighter light and louder sound, it quickly replaced the age-old method of bamboo.

Fireworks have since evolved to become a popular method to mark special occasions today including religious festivals, military victories and weddings. Here are just some other celebrations you may or may not know to give you an idea of how fireworks are used across the world…
Declaring independence

Every 4th July of the year, people in America celebrate their independence. USA celebrate their freedom from British Empire in 1776. The fireworks light up the sky from New York to Las Vegas and even at Niagara Falls. Following the show, the day is usual followed by barbecues with family and friends.

Telling stories

In August, Japan celebrates its historic heritage through the art of fireworks and pyrotechnics. In massive quantities, a lot of festival goers dress up in traditional costumes of days gone by and attend displays in their nearest city. The Japanese have done these since at least the beginning of 18th century and the competition has gotten more fierce in recent times to put the best shows, perhaps the most impressive display is on the streets of Tokyo in the vicinity of Sumida River. Sumida River.

The ability to bring communities together

The “Festival of Lights”, known as Diwali within India and other Indian communities throughout the world is observed from October to November every year to create a dramatic effects. The concept is that patterns are created in the sky that encompass a variety of different colours and explosions. Clay pots with candles inside are left outside each home during the celebration to deter evil spirits. Bonfires are also lit all over the nation for the same reason.

Nation Building

Singapore started its fireworks show in 2004 in the hope of commemorating its history and celebrating the nation’s values. It is held within Marina Bay, thousands of tourists attend each year simply to view the fireworks from their hotel rooms!

Celebrating Christmas

One important aspect of ‘taking in Christmas’ for children in South American countries includes playing with small fireworks in the streets that are known as ‘little volcanoes’ or sparklers called ‘little stars’. Fountains of light are also constructed in the local villages of huge collections of “little stars”. Roman candles can be lit throughout these nations over lunches of turkey and juice from pineapple in the evening.

A Religious Celebration

This Muslim day during Eid Al Adha, signifying the conclusion of Ramadan is often accompanied by an array of fireworks across the globe. The best of which are usually found in Dubai where nine displays were planned at the same time this year, an achievement previously unimaginable.

Welcome New Year!

Hong Kong, China and Chinatowns all over the world, celebrations of the Chinese New Year with tremendous celebrations of fireworks in red and yellow and colourful dragons winding through the busy streets. Typically occurring in the first weekend in February, it is usually associated with the beautiful annual Lantern Festivals where thousands are released into the night sky.