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Why do People Collect Anime Figures?

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The reason people collect anime characters is that they are just curious to think they are.

I don’t think that the cost is an issue unless there is the ability to never get this amount of money, as those who purchase figures think that it’s worthwhile. If you hand out 400 dollars to 10 different people and tell them they’re free to spend it on anything they like and they’ll pick different items because they’re different. Many people believe that purchasing the Playstation is better than purchasing a beautiful painting. It is possible to be more content using a pencil eraser for less rather than a $1000 painting (when it is used for personal purposes and not for sale obviously).

The price of Arknights figure is generally high, and you must decide if you’d like them enough. I’m not convinced that you should consider whether they’re worth it since they’re nothing more than tiny statues. If you apply this reasoning to everything could possibly seem to make sense. If you think about it, the $50 bill will just be paper when one thinks about it and it’s worthless. However, that’s not the reality because it’s money! It’s valuable because that’s how society functions. Figures are valuable because they’re not just objects These are things which people put their hours and energy into making and since they’re collectibles. Most importantly that they’re worth something because you personally love them and would like to own one!

I own three Link Nendoroids and the Jean Kirstein RAH, because I am a fan of these characters. I thought that the characters were pretty. I put aside money to pay for it. I considered it for some time. It’s true that I don’t use them like a five-year-old. I do not “use” them. They are just ornaments in the end. If I can just look at them doesn’t mean they’re an expensive purchase since I love the way they look and have no regrets when I see them. I just feel a little inside when I think of the reality that Jean’s 3DMG is damaged.

Think about it for a moment. Do you have enough money or not? What else are you looking to purchase? What else should you invest money in? Are you still interested in this particular item after having thought on it over the last couple of weeks? (Unless it’s pre-order or limited edition which is about to expire you should consider it over time!)

After you’ve purchased your first figure, you’ll have a good idea that collecting figurines is something that you are interested in. The purchase of a second figure will be much easier once you’ve done this. But, be sure that you don’t become addicted to purchasing them!

I’m thinking that, in the event of a disaster, you don’t get any satisfaction as you open the box. You’re afraid that you’ll never ever see the figure again, and simply put it back into the box and then sell it on the internet for the amount you purchased it for (because the figure was taken out of the box before but it’s in perfect condition). There’s a chance you’ll lose a few dollars however, for that, you get to view the figure.