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Wilfa grind size guide

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We have been utilizing our Wilfa Svart coffee grinder for more than annually in our office today and it is still going strong. We like it.

The grind size manuals on the exterior of the Hopper are somewhat away from the mark, as anybody who has a WilFA grinder will let you know. We believed posting the grind settings we utilize daily with our in house WilFA will be helpful. These’re obviously just a kick off point – everybody has their very own personal preferences, therefore we do encourage you to experiment!
The Aeropress is a plane.

Aiming for around the’ R’ of Aero Press on the grind environment is exactly what we go fairly okay with with our Aeropress brews. This’s the one brew technique wherein the particular wording on the grind establishing makes sense.


The V60s are available in 3 major sizes, which equals to 250ml, 500ml as well as 750ml brews. To attain a healthy extraction across the 3 size brewers, it is important to alter your grind size, with regards to the scale of the brew you are planning.

For any 250ml (one person) brew, we strive for the’ P’ of AEROPRESS, for a two person 500ml brew, choose the first’ E’ of AEROPRESS. Lastly, for a jumbo 750ml brew, that is going to serve 3 or maybe 4 individuals, we recommend setting the grinder on the dot between AEROPRESS and FILTER.

The Dripper is wise.

When working with a Clever Dripper we establish our grind environment to between the’ O’ and’ P’ of AEROPRESS. We discover this particular area gives an excellent, healthy cup when creating a traditional 400ml brew.

The French media.

The temptation when creating a french press is going very rough, though we have discovered that a spot round the’ O’ of AEROPRESS is most effective using our regular brew method.

Automatic Brewer.

For automatic brewers such as the Wilfa Classic, Mocca Master and related, we dial the grinder right around the’ T’ of FILTER. This’s undoubtedly the most rough grind we use, as we are ordinarily utilizing the automobile brewer to perform a big brew, and these devices are likely to trickle their water slower than in case we had been pouring by hand.