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How online typing training courses can benefit you

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Online typing programs are the best choice for schools that need to keep up with the latest pandemic. These ed tech platforms are a great resource for administrators and teachers, who have easy internet access and a variety typing skill level.
Let’s examine the main benefits of online typing programs:

1. Online Typing Services Can be Accessible From Anywhere

One of the best things about online learning in this post-Covid age is that it can easily be accessed from anywhere. Your students can access lessons and practice sessions wherever they are, no matter if they’re at home or in a classroom. Additional lessons, such as digital citizenship or programming, can be added to the typing program.

Accessing online is advantageous even during times of non-pandemics, as it removes the need to type from the school computer lab. With the help of laptops or other computers students can learn how to type at their own pace or do homework.

2. It will be easy to set-up your school typing program

Online typing programs can be easy to setup and use. Some remote learning options require more complicated installation, or are otherwise difficult to set up. Online typing programs, however, can often be installed quickly and easily. Once all your students have an account linked with their class, it’s easy to have students log into the site and continue their education.

Online typing and keyboarding programs have a built-in curriculum that is automatically generated. This means that teachers do not need to plan lessons or spend time choosing activities. If you are looking to have a more hands-on teaching experience you can customize the typing curriculum.

3. You Get Comprehensive Reporting on Typing Students’ Progress

Online typing programs that are specifically designed for schools can provide teachers with detailed reporting that is easily accessible by school districts. The online program allows you to view the progress of students both in class and individually. Many programs include automatic grading and the possibility to set typing targets per student or class.

Typing Agent is one example of a program that offers a live stream for students so you can monitor what they are doing. A single, remote-friendly tool allows you to get all the information you need about your students’ activities and their log-in or out times.

4. It’s easier to learn how to type with an adaptable program

Some online typing courses use adaptive learning. This means that the program adapts to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. These programs will monitor students’ proficiency levels, and give appropriate typing lessons according to their skill level.

Students in 3rd grade or higher need to be able to use an online adaptive typing program. Students who are just starting to learn keyboarding may be able access the same introductory curriculum, while those who have been typing for a while will likely have more difficulty. However, it is possible to teach older students a variety of skills. If a student transfers from another school that uses a different curriculum, the skills gap can be particularly large.

The importance of typing skills has never been greater, especially in this online-based era where students need to be proficient at typing. There is no way to expect less-experienced students to struggle with lessons or more advanced typing students to become disengaged. So that everyone can type well, it is the best option to choose a program that meets every student right where they are.