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Should You Enter A Book Award Contest?

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Can it be worthwhile to enter a book award contest? That is a question numerous authors ask themselves. Like a lot of areas of publishing, there is no yes or perhaps no answer.

But here are some extra issues, the answers to which might help you decide:

So why do you are looking to win this particular award?
Do the advantages (including marketing and marketing) go with your desired goals?
Will the entry fee strain your finances?
Just how much time can it take to get ready and type in the book award contest?

Exactly why Enter A Book Award Contest?

When you would like to gain a book award contest, think about why.


Some writers much time for validation and prestige. Winning respected Mystery book awards will make you to feel proud of your book.

Improved Sales

It also may boost sales. It places a seal of approval (sometimes literally) on the guide of yours. This approval is able to help reassure a reader that does not realize you probably it is worth investing time and money into reading the book of yours.


Placing or winning in a book award contest likewise could offer marketing and advertising opportunities. in case you’ve a contact list, you are able to see them you are entering the award, email then in case you’re a finalist, as well as talk about the excitement of yours whenever you win or perhaps frustration in case you do not.

Exactly why is that a plus? It is a cause to email that reminds them your guide is out there but that does not simply tell you, “Hey, get my book.” It also helps individuals empathize with you and care about the professional career of yours. Individuals will probably be excited for you!

For the same factors, you are able to share the phases of the contest on social networking as well as with colleagues, family, and friends.


Several awards include prize money, others with seals or certificates, others with award ceremonies.


As the president of Readers’ Favorite believed in this post on guide awards, “Entering an ebook competition is like paying to run an advertisement about your book.”

The book of yours may be listed on an award site in case you’re a winner or maybe a finalist. Additionally, you are able to include an ebook award win to the book descriptions of yours.

Advice and critiques

Many book award contests offer critiques, reviews, or advice to all entrants, or maybe to entrants that reach a particular level.
Do The Benefits Match Your Goals?

Whether a specific book award contest may be worth entering is dependent upon everything you aspire to attain.

When you are searching for status, investigate the award’s history. Question individuals that love reading if they have heard of the award as well as what it really means to them. Check respected authors’ associations to know what they think about the award. If it is well respected and sought after and audience feel winning implies a guide is an excellent book, you might wish to enter.

On the flip side, if no one’s read of the award or maybe it is completely new, winning it might not provide you with the status you are hoping for.
Marketing, , and Marketing Sales

On the flip side, if sales, marketing, or advertising are the objective of yours, a lesser known award might offer that.

Study what happens to publications that win or even place.

If that analysis indicates the award organization displays the courses within a stylish manner on an award site, publicizes them on social networking, hosts award ceremonies with photo ops, or maybe provides seals or perhaps medals which can help the advertising approach of yours, you might wish to enter.

Additionally, any award helps mean many people your job has merit or perhaps that you have achieved success.

It is a part of social proof. Strangers feel a lot better checking out the work of yours right now you have won an award. Close friends tend to be more likely to suggest the book of yours right now you are an award winning writer, not “just” someone they know who also appears to create.

When you are searching for prize money, how will it compare to the entry fee (if there’s one)? And how will it compare to various other ways you can earn the same level of cash?

Lastly, you might hope to learn or maybe gain something even in case you do not win or earn runner up status or finalist.

The Costs of Entering A Contest

Many book award contests are completely free to enter. Those awards generally are funded by some type of organization or grant. Others charge to cover the expense of operating the competition. Still others seek to generate an income from operating the award.

Whether a payment is well worth it depends both on the advantages above and the budget of yours.

And so be certain to think about how involved the entry procedure is as well as just how much time it is going to take you to finish it. Tend to be there very long forms to fill out? Do you have to put the book of yours into a specific format you do not already have? Should you publish a hard copy and mail it?

As with cash, consider whether there’s a much better use of the time of yours.

In case you choose to enter an award, good luck!