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Do High Street Bookies Still Have A Place In Modern Day Betting?

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The high-street betting shop is the foundation for betting businesses in the UK since the time it was made legal in the 60’s early on, and without them, the modern world of betting wouldn’t be the way it is now. The bookies were more than just a place for people to bet, but places to hang out with friends and a community gathering spot. If you wanted to bet (legally) in the bookie in the high street was your best bet.

The history of the High Street Betting Shop

The first high street betting shops were opened in 1961. This was following Harold Macmillan passed a law that allowed betting shops to be legalized as a way of tackling the many illegal gambling venues across the country.

The business exploded, with 10,000 establishments within the first 6 months, and the market was flourishing in a relatively short period of time. At its peak, around 16,000 betting establishments on high streets were found across the UK, but the introduction the online gaming market has saw this number drop to almost half that, and it continues to decrease.

Although bookmakers in the high street might be on the decline however, this is not a fair representation of the gambling business in general. In 2009, the UK economy plunged into recession with a number of high street shops closing and town centres are on the verge of becoming ghost towns. Although this did have a negative effect on bookmakers in the high street but in a more circular way they were able to take an opportunity to rest. In an attempt to reinvigorate high-streets, the government let bookmakers to take up residence in empty buildings for a period of up to two years without having to obtain planning permission. Whilst a short term solution is a good idea, it opens the possibility for the high bookmaker to reclaim the UK’s high streets.

High Street Bookmaker Distribution and Density

It’s probably no surprise to discover a correlation between bookies locations and areas that have low levels of employment, high benefits levels and a low-level income levels. Bookmakers are attracted to these areas because they know they are going to attract a higher amount of customers to their stores.

This is evident in the fact that the whole of Tyneside includes more booksellers per hectare then the entirety of London and many of its surrounding boroughs, and a street in Newham has the highest number of bookmakers on one street in the UK from 18 to. In city centre’s and otherwise wealthy areas, bookmakers tend to be less plentiful.

Does High Street Bookies Still Have A Place in Modern Day Betting?

It’s clear that the statistics suggest not. The decline in high street bookmakers near me of nearly 50 percent since their peak and an economy which is showing few signs of turnaround any time soon definitely don’t contribute to the problem. The increasing popularity of betting online websites is likely to be another nail in the coffin.

There’s no need to worry about doom and doom for the punter nevertheless, betting online sites are so easy to access as you can place bets anywhere in the world with the click of one button. It also means that bookmakers save money since they do not have to cover the cost of maintaining several shops. The idea is that this will trickle into their betting websites where they are able to offer better odds and enhanced betting offers, which also will benefit the gamblers.

In conclusion, it isn’t looking good for high street bookmakers. It’s a sector – and one of many experiencing major changes. On the other side however betting generally is likely to be experiencing its largest growth since the advent of betting shops and is midway through the next phase of development of bookmaking as we recognize it.

Why, then, do People Still Bet In High-Street Bookies?

We can all recall the days that the only place you could get a bet, other than at the racetrack, was your local bookmakers on the high street. However, since the introduction of online betting, lots of gamblers are choosing to bet from their homes, or whilst they’re out and about thanks to mobile technology – therefore, it begs the question of why people still bets at high-street bookmakers?

You can hide your bets from your Spouse

There’s no way around the fact that a lot of people don’t like their spouses to gamble, forcing the type of gambler to go to the high-street bookies where they’re usually left out of better odds or delicious concessions which many bookies provide to customers who are online. If you’re betting on the high street, you should consider following the recommendations of one or more of the most successful Betting Gods’ experts, as that should put money into your bank account in the long run – and put smiles at your partner’s smile.

Friendly Banter

If you’re one among those people who like to go to the local establishment for a drink and conversation with your friends instead of drinking at home or in the bookies probably has the same sort of appeal. Although online betting gives you many more possibilities, an afternoon of betting in the bookies is a wonderful opportunity to spend time with your mates, especially if there’s a pub next door, too.

Pricing Early for Early Purchases

Sometimes, a trip to the bookshops is worth the effort though the chances are better to get on at the early price of some of the big high-street book stores. William Hill are often the most generous in that regard because they’ll usually hold the price of the horse for an agreed period of time, allowing bookies to let customers get on. Some restrictions may apply but, of course it’s not a problem for you having a bet on a selection online and at the bookies.

Accounts Closed

If you ask the most professional punters about their betting habits in the bookies of the high street The most frequent answer comes from having had their online account shut down because it was too successful, yet they are determined to find the highest odds which is too hard for a professional punter!

Spreading The Load

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced punter on your own or are winning through one or several one or two Betting Gods tipsters, it’s usually a good idea to share the burden by dividing your betting between bookies. Making smaller bets in more bookies will mean that your achievements will often go unnoticed, and can help you avoid the danger of having restrictions placed on your account, or having them shut down completely. High street bookies are always worth a look when implementing this method.