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What are the CBD Vape Benefits?

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In this post I’ll share the Cannabidiol or CBD oil vape benefits. Along with other issues you’re likely to be asked about the pros and cons of CBD, dose and other.

CBD vape benefits

What exactly is CBD?

CBD is one of the main cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. It is a chemical that is not psychoactive that has been harvested from plants and has been used as an alternative treatment for quite literally hundreds of years.

The legalisation of industrial hemp production caused an immense CBD rise in the last few years. A growing number of shops in the high street are offering it and there’s less stigma surrounding CBD because it is growing in popularity and becomes more popular.

Another one you’ve probably been familiar with is THC. THC is the psychoactive component of CBD. Laws in the UK states that CBD is not allowed to contain THC above 0.2 percent to remain legal. This means that using CBD does not cause you to feel high.

What is meant by intoxicated?

Increased Blood Pressure
Arises Respiratory Rate
“Red Eyes”
A heightened appetite
Slurred Speech

All of these are known side effects from smoking or taking traditional THC style Cannabis according to ‘UpToDate’.

Are there any CBD vape’s advantages?

Pharmacokinetics is the medical term used to describe much of what we will analyze now.

What are Pharmacokinetics?

Pharmacokinetics is the field of pharmacology which is concerned with the flow of drugs within the body.

1. Fast delivery

There are more options than ever before to benefit from CBD’s benefits. But one of the most effective methods for delivery is vaping. Inhaling the dose of cannabis is a way to get it into your bloodstream within 3-10 mins, which is on par with administering it intravenously.

2. Bioavailability

When you breathe in CBD it becomes more bioavailable. This means you’ll absorb more CBD from the same amount as you do from other substances like Gummies. It will take longer for them to be effective and may require more to get the same result.

3. Convenient and discreet

CBD Eliquid is a highly PG base. It’s just that the ingredients that make it will make it extremely thin and does not produce huge puffs of cloud making it less noticeable. Since it’s high PG it will be used to top up a starter kit or pod device more than a kit that has a ton of features which makes it easy.

4. Make sure you control the dosage

Just as with the other CBD delivery methods, it is possible to regulate the dose. You could start with a smaller dose, and then increase the dosage as you determine your tolerance to the cannabinoid. E Liquid dosages range from 250mg right up to 3000mg.

5. A variety of flavors

A few of the CBD vape benefits which attracted people to CBD vape is the ability to enjoy authentic cannabis flavours such as OG Kush and Purple Haze. These earthy and woody tastes offer a truly organic and natural feel to these flavours. Or, if you are addicted to vape flavors, such as Strawberry You can get that too.

Negative side effects of vaping CBD

It is the majority CBD vapors use the cannabinoid to help with depression, anxiety, inflammation and pain. Although full spectrum may contain very little THC however, it will not suffice to get you high or have any psychoactive effects.

The 2017 research found that taking CBD in large doses may cause drowsiness. This is not a good thing if you’re using high concentration levels in large doses and must remain alert to operate machinery or activities that could affect other people or your personal health.

There is a phrase known as ‘causation and correlation’. When X occurs, we conclude that it’s due to Y. But it could actually be that whatever triggers X occur, is also what makes Y occur as well. It could be that there is another factor. Does CBD make you sleepy on its own? It could be, but it could be as a reduction in anxiety, which caused insomnia.

Do people who are well rested get drowsy after high doses of CBD? This is something that we can’t yet answer. It’s something we need to think about.

However drunk driving is dangerous.

Its CBD vape benefits consumers are seeking often consist of:

Pain relief
Depression, anxiety, and stress
to aid in sleeping or alertness (dose dependant)
Mood enhancer
Help to reduce inflammation

There currently have not been recognized adverse side effects that are specifically associated with vaping CBD however, on a scientific level it is likely to be due to the absence of studies on the use of CBD vape. There is more information about this in our blog on the side effects of CBD – where some adverse side effects have been discovered.

However, on a bigger scale testing on animals has demonstrated negative effects of CBD in general. These included embryo-fetal mortality, central-nervous-system inhibition, male reproductive system alterations, hypotension among others. They were also significantly higher than what is recommended for human treatment.

Human studies revealed diarrohea nausea vomiting, somnolence (drowsiness).

Pros and cons of vaping CBD


Fast delivery and immediate effects
Body takes in more CBD than it does from the same quality from another method.
Work with basic devices
Flavor options
Convenient and portable


It requires a small investment
Addiction, while CBD hasn’t been proven to be addictive and could actually aid in the fight against addiction, the act of smoking vapes could be addictive.
Potentially reaction to the PG that causes an allergic reaction.

Does vaping CBD get you high?

To keep CBD legal in the UK as well as around the globe, THC content needs to be within the legal limits. In the UK this limit is 0.2 percent. It is because it is THC that we associate with “getting high”.

Let’s look at this in a different light. A joint that contains one gram of buds, with an average of 25% potency includes 250mg of THC. Now, that would be enough to get you high. 0.2% wouldn’t.

How can I vape CBD?

If you smoke, have ever smoked , or vaporized, then you will be comfortable with the process of inhaling. As I’ve said, CBD is high PG and is therefore best for use with your M.T.L kits. This is a kit that replicates smokers inhale.

Inhale the air into your mouth, then into the lungs.

Do you have the potential to overdose on CBD?

It is possible to take too excessive THC which leaves you feeling quite sick. You shouldn’t however, take too much of the non-toxic cannabinoid CBD. This is one of the CBD vape benefit as you can be sure that you will not OD.

There are times when CBD can make you feel a little off, for instance if you vape too high of a dose when you’re on the stomach empty. It’s not risky and you would not overdose.

What dose should I take?

The dosage of CBD you take will depend on several factors. They include

Your BMI
Your gender
Your tolerance

It is vital to do it right in order to achieve the best effects. However, we always suggest starting with your dose on the lower end and assess your feelings before jumping into high-strength right away.

Do you think vaping is the only method to consume CBD?

Vaping CBD is beneficial however it’s not the only method to get the cannabinoid. New methods are cropping up each week with the popularity growing. We’ve seen CBD infused hot drinks and cocktails. In addition, foods are being added too. Other ways include:

Can you vape CBD oil?

CBD vape isn’t oil, but it’s called oil. It’s a bit confusing. We would like to remind people not to put olive oil in your kit, exactly the same way you wouldn’t add CBD oil inside your vape!

It is essential to ensure that you’re buying CBD E-liquid that has been designed specifically for vaping. The oil isn’t made to flow through your vape system, or your lungs , for it!

CBD vape juice is made up of PG, VG flavors, and of course, CBD.

Ultimately, robust studies are lacking for many of the new ideas in vaping CBD and a lack of regulation and control over the manufacturing of cannabidiol products. A non-medical view, is to buy from vendors who vend responsibly.

CBD vape benefits – Final thoughts

There are certain CBD vape benefits that can convince you that vaping cannabinoid is a good delivery method for you.

To recap, benefits include:

Fast delivery
Take control of the dosage
Variety of flavours