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Why Is Ozempic Getting So Much Attention?

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A growing number of individuals are turning to diabetes drug to help with weight loss. But experts advise against it as an all-purpose drug.

Ozempic, the drug that is that is used to treat diabetes has recently gained attention as stars including a tech mogul as well as TikTok influencers have talked about using the drug to shed weight over a short time frame.

The Food and Drug Administration first approved the injection-based medication to treat diabetes in the year 2017. The agency also approved a medication with an increased dose of Ozempic’s active ingredient known as semaglutide, to treat obesity by 2021 as a brand called Wegovy. Since then, discussion of the drug has surfaced all over the web. Elon Musk was asked if his appearance was “fit well, muscular and healthy” said he took Wegovy. Andy Cohen posted about Ozempic’s rising popularity. The following month, Variety reported that actors and their producers “are silently singing the praises of the drug” on Signal which is an encrypted messaging application. On TikTok the hashtag #Ozempic was viewed more than 273 million times with users expressing their shock at their supposed weight loss and exchanging stories about the side adverse effects. Visit this website for an Ozempic discount.

Today, the F.D.A. has listed Ozempic along with Wegovy as among the hundreds of medicines that are out of stock. A spokesperson for Novo Nordisk, which manufactures the medications, stated in an announcement that the company has been experiencing “intermittent interruptions in supply on different doses of Ozempic because of the combination of a huge demand and global supply issues.” The official said that the issue of Wegovy is likely to end within the next few days, and they are “on the right track” to have all dosage strengths of the drug available by the end of December.

It’s not uncommon for doctors to prescribe medication for “off-label” usage or for a distinct reason than what the drug is specifically designed for, explained doctor. Disha Narang, an endocrinologist at Northwestern Medicine Lake Forest Hospital. The interest in Ozempic grown, certain experts believe more patients are seeking ways to use the medication for weight loss through either getting a doctor to prescribe it off-label or by looking for the drug online. Doctor. Narang herself has seen patients “who have somehow got the drug,” taking the medication off-label, she explained. (Dr. Narang previously served on an advisory panel of Novo Nordisk, a common method for professionals within the area.)

She is concerned that as the drug becomes more well-known, people will associate them to “vanity,” not as an essential treatment for diabetes patients.

What we know about what medication will, and won’t be used for, and the people who should be taking it.

What is Ozempic operate?

Ozempic as well as Wegovy are each designed to be injected at least once per week into the arm, stomach or thigh.

Semaglutide reduces glucose levels in the blood and controls insulin levels, which is essential for those suffering from Type 2 diabetes. The drug also mimics an endocrine called glucagon-like Peptide-1 that is naturally produced in our intestines. This hormone limits appetite by telling our bodies that we’re full, and prompting the stomach to empty slowly. In the end, those with weight problems and related health issues have shed weight when taking the drug. People are more full as per the Dr. Janice Jin Hwang, head of the department of metabolism and endocrinology the University of North Carolina School of Medicine. For those taking the medication, “foods that used to be awe-inspiring to their bodies are no longer thrilling,” she said. The medication hasn’t been extensively studied in those who do not have diabetes or excessive weight.

The medication also helps reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease in people who have diabetes, according to doctor. Robert Gabbay, chief medical and scientific officer of the American Diabetes Association.

The F.D.A. has not granted approval for Ozempic to treat weight loss, said the doctor. Andrew Kraftson, a clinical associate professor in the department of metabolism, endocrinology , and the study of diabetes in Michigan Medicine. However, once the F.D.A. approved Wegovy to help lose weight There was such a need for the medication that some doctors were forced to use Ozempic because they could not get Wegovy as he explained.

Like some people who receive medications to treat high cholesterol or blood pressure for an indefinite period, certain patients suffering from overweight may be prescribed medication such as Wegovy for a prolonged duration according to the doctor. Kraftson said. Patients who stop Wegovy may regain the weight they lost on Wegovy the doctor said.

“These medications were not made for overweight people who would like to drop weight to become extremely thin.” Dr. Hwang stated.
Who should be taking Ozempic or Wegovy?

Following the F.D.A. approved Ozempic for people suffering from Type 2 diabetes, the agency has also approved Wegovy for adults who suffer from overweight or obesity with at the very least one “weight-related disease,” which the agency is able to determine to be conditions like excessive blood pressure Type 2 diabetes or high cholesterol. The F.D.A. defines obesity and excess by using an metric called the Body Mass Index, an established, yet widely debated measurement.

The drug is costly without insurance . The cost of the list price for Wegovy is more than $1300 for a 28-day supply and Ozempic could cost as much as $892 per month with no insurance. those who don’t meet F.D.A. requirements will probably be unable to obtain insurance coverage that will cover the expense.

Despite these obstacles, the increasing number of users of Ozempic off-label could be causing the problem in the market, Narang said. Narang said, noting that people suffering from obesity and diabetes are having trouble to get access to the drug.

“It’s been truly, truly horrible because patients don’t know which direction to go,” she said. “We’ve become hamsters on the wheel trying to understand this.”

“While we acknowledge that certain health professionals might prescribe Ozempic to patients who want to shed weight, it’s up the choice of the individual health care professional to select the appropriate approach to treatment that is appropriate for the patient,” a representative from Novo Nordisk wrote in a statement, stating that the company doesn’t “promote or advocate for the use of medications that are not on our label.”

What are the potential side consequences?

Patients taking Ozempic or Wegovy to treat both F.D.A. approved and off-label use could suffer from dizziness and nausea. Patients may also experience fatigue and feel malaise. The bowel movements of patients can change and some sufferers may experience diarrhea, while others are severely constipated. “It can get so bad that people visit for an E.R.,” Dr. Kraftson said. “It’s not a fun.” Patients must be watched while taking these medications according to him, and doctors can prescribe anti-nausea medication and stool softeners or laxatives. In rare instances medications can raise the chance of suffering from pancreatitis which is a painful condition which causes inflammation in the pancreas. Patients may also develop gallstones. Doctor. Gabbay said he had observed patients suffering from such intense vomiting that they had to discontinue taking the medication.

Doctors generally begin patients on low doses of medication such as Ozempic or Wegovy and gradually ramp up, in order to lessen these negative side consequences the doctor. Gabbay said.

Does using these medications off-label drugs a risk?

Doctors claim there’s not enough evidence to conclude whether these medications are beneficial or risky for people who don’t meet the F.D.A.’s guidelines. While tempting as the idea of a weight loss drug loss could be, experts advised against anyone who is seeking the drug for use off-label. Patients who are taking Ozempic and Wegovy must be monitored closely according to Doctor. Kraftson said. “If you’re receiving this via the internet there’s probably not going to be the same levels that protect you,” he said. “I do not want to witness people playing on the health of their family members.”

The drug hasn’t been extensively tested on patients who weigh less Dr. Hwang said, and it’s possible that those who aren’t part of the group that which the drug is designed to treat could suffer more intense negative effects. Without further research is unclear the extent to which these negative side effects can be.