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Why Women Choose to Have Their Breasts Reduced

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If you’re uncomfortable having breasts that are large, or you’re suffering from physical pain or are struggling with confidence or confidence, you could consider reduction of your breasts. If you’re considering whether this procedure is appropriate for you and our plastic surgeon in Raleigh will discuss the long-term advantages that you can reap after undergoing this procedure.

What is Breast Reduction Surgery?

The breast reduction surgery, also known as reduction mammoplasty removes excess glandular tissue, fat and skin to decrease the weight and size of breasts. Sometimes, liposuction can be a component of the procedure to reduce excess fat however it is dependent on the specific circumstances. Plastic surgeons consult with the patient in order to determine the most effective method of treatment depending on the patient’s objectives and preferences and the most secure procedure.

The reason women choose to have their breasts reduced

Women with heavy or large breasts are often afflicted by physical ailments which include:

Back and neck pain caused by the mass of breast tissue.
Pain in the nerves can be caused by compression of the shoulder blades, ribs and nerves meet.
Inflammation and pain during exercise or performing physical activities;
The skin is irritated and there is a chafing or irritation under the breasts

Alongside these physical problems Many women also have a negative self-image caused by their larger or overly large breasts. The issues may begin in the teenage years and if not addressed they can cause longer-term issues. A breast reduction Newcastle surgery is able to solve some, but not all of these problems.

After having a reduction mammaplasty woman may experience a number of positive effects over the long term and increase her overall quality of life such as:

Reduced Pain in Chronic

Women with big breasts commonly have neck, shoulder, and back discomfort. When the weight is removed it is quickly diminished and remains completely gone.

Pain Relief for Nerves

Since shoulders aren’t able to rotate forward and compress nerves so there’s no the sensation of nerve pain or feeling of numbness or tingling.

Active Lifestyle

With smaller breasts, you are able to easily enjoy cardiovascular and aerobic exercises as in other forms of exercise. It’s much easier to find a supportive bra that doesn’t “get out of getting in the way” of your exercise.

Better Sleep

A lot of women with larger breasts find it difficult to find an appropriate position for sleep and wear uncomfortable bras for sleeping in. After a breast reduction surgery you can get into a comfortable position and wear whatever you prefer to sleep in, without the need for extra support.

Improved Self-Esteem

If you’re feeling self-conscious or uncomfortable about your breasts, a reduction could improve your psychological well-being. It’s generally easier to find more appealing and flattering outfits, and you can enjoy the pool or beach without stressing about how you look and be comfortable in your own skin.

The Best Time to Start the Right Time for Reduction

The procedure of reducing breasts is generally safe , and many women heal fast. Although women can have reductions done at nearly all ages, including teenage years, it’s wise to delay the procedure if you are planning on becoming pregnant or breastfeeding or are planning to lose weight. Loss of weight can affect the size of your breasts, therefore undergoing the procedure, and later following a diet could cause results that you’re not happy with.