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Entrepreneur subclass 188E visas

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The Entrepreneur Subclass visa is available to entrepreneurs with investors who want to establish an business or an enterprise in Australia. The visa lasts for four years, but it could be used as a first step toward permanent residence.

Once you’ve managed to make the investment process in Australia for four years, you are able to consider applying to be eligible for visas for Business Innovation And Investment (Residence) subclass 888 visa, which allows visa holders to have permanent residency.

Who are these visas for?

The stream for business innovation is designed for those who have run a successful business but are now seeking to start an enterprise in Australia.

To be eligible for 澳洲投资移民, you’ll have to:

Have funding from a source that is a qualifier for an amount of at least $200,000 in order to establish an business or an enterprise within Australia (see the section below)
must be less than 55 years old. older (some exceptions are granted)
Meet the criteria for points for this stream . Currently, it is at 65 points
demonstrate that you have ownership stake of at least 30 percent.
Create a business plan for the business entity that is entrepreneurial, describing how your inventive idea could bring about a new product or service that is commercialized in Australia or the creation of a business or venture in Australia.

Which funding sources are suitable?

The following entities qualify as sources of funds:

An investor who is registered in the form of an Australian venture capital limited company, or early the state’s venture capital limited partnership
Publicly funded research organization
Commonwealth government agency
Specified higher education provider

What types of business activities are eligible?

Individuals who are interested in applying for a job must demonstrate how their proposed business venture will be economically beneficial to the nation.

A complying entrepreneur’s activity is an concept that brings the product or service of a different kind on the market or to the creation of a company in Australia (activities that involve the purchase of real estate or hiring labour are not allowed).

For the Entrepreneur visa, you’ll need to secure an agreement of at least $200,000 of funding from one or one or:

Commonwealth agencies
States and territories have governments
Research organisations that are publicly funded
Investors who are registered as venture capital limited partnership, or as early stages of venture capital limited partnerships.

The funding agreement should include transfers of at most 10 percent from the fund within 12 months from the date of commencement of the work in Australia.

What do you need to know prior to submitting your application for the application for the

Before you can apply for the 188e visa, you must be nominated by the Australian state or Territory government.

This requires making your expressions of interests (eoi) using the system of skillselect.

The places where you can make an application for the 188E

You may apply for this visa in the overseas or within Australia.

If you want to apply for 188E visa in Australia you must be a resident of Australia or a bridging C or B visa.