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The Spanish Golden Visa Benefits

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Spain implemented the Golden Visa Scheme in 2013 to support entrepreneurs and internationalisation. It is the Spain Golden visa programis a fantastic chance to make this country your permanent residence, particularly when you are planning to invest in properties.

The following countries are suitable for people from the UK, USA, United Arab Emirates, India and China

The principal goal in The main goal of the Golden Visa program is to increase the economic activity in Spain and also to encourage the creation of jobs and, of course, the entry of talented individuals due to the fact that the visa allows for investors to get the right to reside in Spain through investment, which is the reason why it is also referred to as an investor visa.

The Spain Residency through Investment program

The Spanish Golden Visa programme allows various kinds of investment options:

You must invest a minimum in the amount 500.000 EUR in Spanish Real Estate (mortgage free). This program is focused on promoting real estate investment.
Put 2 million EUR into Spanish government debts.
Put one million EUR in Spanish companies (shares).
One million EUR into the account of a Spanish Bank account.
Create a business venture in Spain of general importance, that creates jobs or contributes to technological or technological innovation, or creates a socio-economic impact for the region. There is more to consider before the visa is approved.

There are some conditions to be met for Golden Visa in Spain card that do not have anything to relate to the investment itself:

Age of 18+.
A health insurance policy that is private or public insurance from a company that is licensed to do business in Spain.
The ability to pay for the necessary financial expenses to cover family and personal costs of living, in order to live in Spain.
The applicant has not been denied admission into one of the Schengen countries.
In the absence of having stayed or entered illegally within Spanish territory.
There is no criminal record currently in Spain or in the country where you reside within the last five years.

Applicant profile

To be eligible for the Spanish Golden Visa, besides your investment (property or not property-related) as well as other conditions, you have to prove that you are in line with one of these profile:

Professionally trained and highly skilled.
Employees who transfer within the same organization or group of businesses.

Each of these scenarios must, however, invest in Spain for the Golden Visa Spain

How do I get the Spanish residence through investing

There are a few prerequisites to be met for applying for the Golden Visa in Spain which aren’t related to the investment itself.

After the requirements required to be eligible in order to obtain The Golden Visa have been verified the documents need to be sent to the institution responsible for handling the application.

In this context it is crucial to note this fact: it is important to note that the Golden Visa is not subject to the general foreigners’ rules however, it can be subject to the Entrepreneurs Act, whose main goal is to attract the best talent and investors.

In the end, the application is not screened in the Foreigners’ bureau of the applicant’s choice of location of residence. The review is conducted in the Large Companies Unit, a department responsible for determining quality of each application.

The most important aspect to obtaining an Investor Visa in Spain is the documentation required. The required documents are different, based on the type of investment you’re planning to invest in:

If you’ve decided to invest in property as a method to obtain this Golden Visa, we will be required to present your certificate of domain as well as costs of the Land Registry and the deeds of the properties purchased.

Anyone who wants to make an investment in Spanish stocks or shares must submit the declaration of investment that is issued through the Investment Register of the Ministry of Economy (shares) or the document from the intermediary who is registered by the National Securities Market Commission (shares).

If one decides to invest in debt that is public The requirement is to present the certificate that was issued by Bank of Spain or the organization that made the purchase that demonstrates that the person applying for the loan is the owner of the transaction.

If the selected method of investment is into bank accounts, then it is mandatory to present the document which demonstrates the ownership of the deposit made. The certificate must originate from the institution who is the recipient of deposit.

In this context it is important to keep in mind that based on whether the application has been filed in Spain or elsewhere to be sent to various institutions:

When the request is filed in Spain the application must be sent at the Large Companies Unit.
When the request is submitted outside of Spain It must be sent in the Spanish consulate office.

What is the duration of granted the Spain Golden Visa granted for?

The validity period for the Golden Visa varies depending on the country of origin. in Spain and you have to be legally within the country or in another country.

The residence permit is valid for one year when it is sought from outside and two years if demanded in Spain.

When the timer has expired after which the applicant can apply for a extension of their Visa after which, if granted the visa will be granted an additional five years of residency permit.

To permit an approval of the renewal, there are two primary conditions must be fulfilled:

The proof that the investment that the Visa was obtained is valid.
Have been to Spain for at the very least one time the year.

Which family members are included in this visa? Spain Golden Visa?

It is also possible to apply for the Golden Visa also allows you to get permit for yourself and your spouse or a person with an analogous relationship and minors younger than 18 years old who are dependents. Permits can also be sought for people who are over 18 who are financially dependent on their applicant, and who don’t have their own family unit. If the applicant’s parents depend on him/her, they can be added to the list.

In short, the family members that could be considered to be part of the family are:

Spouse or a person who is who is in a similar relationship
Dependent minors younger than 18 years of age
People that are financial dependent upon the applicants, and have not yet established their own family unit.
Parents in a position of dependence on the applicant.

After the application has been approved and the family members are approved, they will be granted the residence permit and will enjoy the same benefits as the applicants.

What taxes do I need to pay when I get this Spanish Golden Visa?

It is important to note that the Golden Visa in Spain does not require you to pay taxes however, it is contingent on the duration of your stay throughout the Spanish country. If the duration is greater than 183 days each year, then you’re required to declare your entire earnings.

What you will be required to report to authorities in Spain Spanish authorities is the earnings from the investment.

Golden Visa Benefits Golden Visa Benefits

This program is a specific circumstance, but the advantages associated with your Spanish residency are amazing. A Spain Golden Visa means:

This allows you to join the EU (Schengen zone).
You are able to make an application for this permission for your partner or spouse minor children, or children aged adults who depend financially on you, and also dependents who are in upward line.
You are only required to visit Spain each year once to keep the permit, and being able to stay for longer periods is not required.
The first residence permit granted to Investors is granted for two year. When that period is over Investors from outside the EU who are looking to reside for a longer period in Spain over a long duration could apply for renewal of the residence permit to be renewed for consecutive five-year periods, so long as the conditions remain in place.
You are able to be an entrepreneur or employee when you’ve been given the two-year permit.
After five years, it’s possible to obtain permanent residency, and after 10 years, you can be granted citizenship.

We offer a wide range of investment services. Our dedicated and professional team is well-versed in the areas of legal guidance as well as management, real estate conveyancing the introduction of new visas and immigration as well as residency and opportunities to invest globally-minded investors. With our experience and extensive local experience, we’re capable of providing investors with an efficient, customized and reliable service, which includes the administration of this Spanish Investment Visa.

A Golden Visa in Spain after Brexit

Prior to Brexit the ability to live in Spain was an easy thing for all British citizen, since this was allowed under the EU rules, which required an application process that posed no problems.

In the wake of Brexit, British citizens have been forced to search for alternatives which include options like the Golden Visa and the Non-Lucrative Visa being the most sought-after alternatives, since they present more difficulties as compared to, say applying for an ordinary work permit.

Frequently Answered Questions

What amount of money I have to put aside to be eligible for that Golden Visa in Spain?

It is contingent on the type of investment you pick as your method of investment. If you opt for an investment option that involves properties, then the minimal amount is EUR500,000. If you decide for bank accounts or shares of Spanish businesses the minimum amount to invest must be at least EUR1,000,000. In addition, if the investment is made with public debt, the amount must be at minimum EUR 2,000,000.

Is the money done through the company?

However, you must to satisfy two requirements as well as one requirement.


The person who is applying in order to obtain Golden Visa Golden Visa needs to have the majority of the voting rights for the business.
The applicant must be granted the power to choose or remove board-directed members.


The business must be located in a country that isn’t a tax-free nation.

What is the time frame to obtain an Spanish Golden Visa?

The deadline for a decision to be taken is 20 days after the time all documents are received.

After the decision has been given and made public to the interested person the interested party, they have a time of one month to file an application to obtain to obtain the Golden Visa at the Spanish Consulate in the country of country of. It is then required to travel to Spain to submit the application along with the approval which was received previously.

What is the maximum time I’m allowed to stay in Spain to keep my GV?

When you have the Golden Visa there is no requirement to remain in the country. It is only necessary to go to Spain to renew your permit.

This is different if you’d want be able to obtain permanent residence. To be eligible, you must reside for a period of Spain in Spain for 5 years or more, and an average of six months each year. If you are a citizen the minimum period of residency in Spain of 10 years.

Can I get a loan to purchase the Spain GV?

In the same way as loans, you are not able to get the Golden Visa by taking out a mortgage. As previously mentioned the initial investment should always be made using your own money.