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What is the Minimum Investment Required for a Golden Visa in Spain?

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The Golden Visa Spain programme provides residence permits to non-EU people in exchange for investment in Spain. It has grown in popularity among foreign investors as one of the most popular golden visas. This post will go through the Golden Visa Spain, its criteria, and how to apply for one.

The Golden Visa is a two-year permission that permits non-European Union citizens to live, study, and work in Spain. The programme debuted in 2013 and has since grown in popularity among investors. Investors can get a residence permit and enjoy the benefits of residing in Spain by investing in Spanish real estate.

The following are the prerequisites for acquiring a Golden Visa in Spain:

Real Estate Investing The major prerequisite for acquiring a Golden Visa in Spain is a substantial investment in Spanish real estate. The minimum investment required is €500,000, which must be invested in just one property. If you invest more than €500,000, you can spread it across many houses.

Other Investing Aside from real estate, you may earn a Golden Visa in Spain by investing in equities, shares, and bonds. These investments demand a minimum commitment of €1,000,000.

Entrepreneurship If you are an entrepreneur, you can invest in a Spanish company and generate jobs for Spanish nationals. The minimum investment required to start a new firm in Spain is €1,000,000.

Deposits in a bank A Golden Visa is also available if you deposit €1,000,000 in a Spanish bank account.

Other Interests You can also qualify for a Golden Visa by participating in scientific research, cultural events, or sports in Spain.

Let us now look at how to qualify for the Golden Visa Spain:

Documentation To be eligible for a Golden Visa in Spain, you must first obtain the required documentation. A valid passport, a criminal background check, and evidence of investment are all required. All of these papers must be translated into Spanish by an approved translator.

Investment The next step is to make the investment once you have all of the relevant documentation. One of the methods outlined above can be used to make the investment. You must ensure that the investment fulfils the minimal requirements established by the Spanish government.

Fill out an application for a Golden Visa. After you have made the investment, you may apply for the Golden Visa. This can be done in person at either the Spanish embassy in your country or in Spain. You must complete an application form and pay a fee. The current Golden Visa charge is €60.

Allow time for processing You must wait for your application to be processed after submitting it. The processing period might range between three and six months. If your application is successful, you will be issued a two-year resident visa. This permission can then be renewed every two years as long as you keep your investment in Spain.

Finally, the Golden Visa Spain programme is intended to encourage international investors to the country. It provides several privileges, including residency permits, the freedom to work and travel across the European Union, and the possibility to seek for permanent residency after five years. You must fulfil the investment criteria, acquire the relevant documentation, and apply for the visa to be eligible for the visa. If you want to invest in Spain and get a Golden Visa, you should seek legal guidance before making any financial decisions.