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4 Advantages of Buying Artisan Handmade Jewellery

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Crafted or hand-crafted items like jewellery are thought by many to be authentic authentic and meaningful than manufactured items. The artist’s creative flair is among the elements which distinguish handmade products from those manufactured by companies.

Artisan Jewellery is more difficult to find

Businesses are mostly involved in the creation of multiple pieces which can be subsequently put together to create one item – which allows companies to manufacture items in mass. A skilled artisan is the opposite. He makes the whole item from scratch and puts their expertise into creating an exquisite piece. This is why it’s difficult for an artist to create mass-produced an item of jewellery and each piece is distinctive from each other.

Artisan Jewellery can add Value to an existing collection

Even though you might be aware already, handmade artisanal jewellery costs more than similar jewellery manufactured by a company. While you can save some money by purchasing a factory-assembled piece, you’ll not have the same level of quality, exclusivity and fulfillment that you get from a hand-crafted piece. Consider it an original artwork by famous artists versus posters of the same work. Although the poster print might appear similar however, it’s only an imitation. The original design has the artist’s personal mark, which makes it more authentic. Here are a few of the arguments (and benefits) to opt to a handcrafted piece of art-crafted jewellery.

  1. The materials used are ethically Sourced

The majority of artisans are picky when it comes to the source of their materials. They invest a lot of their time looking for the finest high-quality materials that are suitable for a particular item. Only after the crafter is able to find the perfect material that they can begin making their work. The fact that he or she isn’t willing to compromise, which creates significantly more expensive than if other (cheaperand less high-quality) materials were utilized. The craftsman may also need collaborate with refiners as well as dealers to make the best quality jewellery. However, this rule does not apply to items that are mass-produced.

  1. Artists rely on high-quality durable materials for their pieces

As was mentioned previously the fact that no piece of handmade jewellery NZ is exactly the same as the next. The reason for this is that the maker is required to find not only the appropriate material, but also make sure it’s of the best quality. So, you can be certain that the jewellery you purchase like earrings are well-suited to their intended purpose and last even longer. The jewellery made by artisans is designed to last for many years and isn’t a trigger for allergic reactions because of hidden metals, or other elements which a manufacturer may use to lower production costs.

Artists are able to work with smaller quantities, and are able to provide quality work. This is in contrast to businesses that cater to the masses and produce items designed to be worn just for a short time, and then to be thrown away as fast fashion. Artisans are also better equipped to keep the highest standards for their jewellery and, as a result, their jewellery are long-lasting and last for a long time without obvious damage.

It is normal to have various types of jewellery to pick from, it is important to ensure that the item you select will last. A majority of costume jewellery is not well manufactured, which is why they have a shorter time of life. It is possible that the item will fall apart during an event at a networking venue, on the first time you meet, or when a friend attempts to take a look. It could result in a difficult situation particularly if the item appeared to be at it and thought it was expensive. Jewellery made by hand is, however constructed of top-quality materials and will last for a long time with the right treatment.

  1. Certain Pieces include a fascinating backstory

Certain jewellery pieces may have fascinating stories behind them. A ring, for example could be handed down through generation after generation without losing charm and endurance. No matter if it is you make it yourself or buy one, the item you purchase today will create a stunning story. It can be anything from an anniversary present or a milestone birthday present that is remembered years in the future.

Every piece of jewellery that is custom-made (like jewellery, chains rings and others) could have a tale that explains the artist’s selection of the material and style. These items help to preserve the documents of the past and some can be incredibly emotional and worthwhile to remember. This makes the object more than an ornament. It’s a stunning piece of art.

  1. Every piece of hand-crafted jewellery is unique

Small business specialist of Max Funding, Shane Perry states, “Being unique gives a business an edge in the market. Similar is true for handcrafted jewellery. Each piece of handmade jewellery is unique to any other. Although one artist may create the jewellery, each piece has a distinct characteristic which makes it distinct. Israeli jewellery, for example are distinctive in their the designs, materials and cultural aspects. The exclusivity of the product sets it apart from the rest.”


The art of making jewellery is the most wonderful thing to happen to the jewellery industry. You can purchase a custom piece of top-quality materials designed to last for hundreds of years. The originality and artistic flair that comes with custom-made jewellery is worth every cent.