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A Complete Buyers Guide To Choosing a Name Necklace

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When you stop and think about it, names are a major part of our lives. It could be a name passed down through generations, or a decision that we make when we have children. It’s an important part of who you are. What is a Name Necklace?

A name necklace is a combination or name of important or special people in your life. It is beautifully displayed on a necklace. Name necklaces are made from sterling silver of high quality and come in many finishes.

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What are the various types of Name Necklaces available?

There are many styles of name necklaces. There are many options for name necklaces. You can choose from one-piece designs or vertical tag style names necklaces.

There are many types of name necklaces:

Signature font name necklaces These necklaces feature the chosen name and connect to the necklace at each end with a link. For those who prefer a simple design, the signature font name necklaces are a great choice.
Name necklaces in bar style. Name necklaces with an open rectangular bar have the chosen name cut out in the center of the rectangle. The necklace is attached at the ends of each pendant. This design is simple and elegant, and is ideal for those who want a one-piece design.
Tag style name necklaces. The tag style name necklaces have a rectangular vertical pendant with the chosen name cut out inside. This pendant is open in design and has a bail at its top that slides onto the included necklace. It’s ideal for people who want a separate pendant that can be worn on a necklace.

Step-by-Step Selection Process
Step 1: Choose your name

Although it may sound absurd, we use many different names in our daily lives. Our given names. A nickname. Mom. Pops. Pops.
Ideas for choosing the name of a necklace

Your name
Your nickname
Your favorite word
Name of your child
Name of your spouse or significant other

Step 2 – Select Your Font

Because everyone is different, we offer many fonts. We have something for every name, from simple and elegant to extravagant and sophisticated.

The Confidence font is a more simple option if you are looking for something simpler. Our Dynamic font is for those who want something a little more stylish, but still classic and elegant.
What does different font styles signify?

Confidence font – For a clean and stylish look. This font is recommended for personal use.
Brilliant Font – A font for the modern generation. This font is ideal for teenagers, tweens, and anyone who lives life to the fullest.
Dynamic Font – For a feminine approach. This font is suitable for all ages of women.
Dashing Font – A gift for the woman who has it all. This gift is perfect for sisters, mothers, grandmothers, and friends.
Charming Font – For sophisticated professionals. Recommend for college graduates and young professionals.

Step 3 – Select Your Metal

There are two options: a sterling silver or 24k gold-plated sterling silver name necklace. Sterling silver name necklaces are made from.925 sterling Silver. The silver has anti-tarnish properties. Name jewelry is enhanced with this added luster and durability.
Metal options available

Silver – Great for everyday wear
Ideal for gift-giving: Gold

Step 4: What size will my custom name necklace be?

The most popular personalized name necklaces are approximately 1 1/2 inches wide by 1/2 inches tall. This can vary depending on how long the name is and what font you choose.
Size guide for name necklaces:

For active lifestyles and children, the pendant is less than 1 1/2 inches wide. For children and those who are active, a pendant with a smaller width will work better.
1-1/2″ wide – Perfect for most adults. The standard width of 1 1/2 inches looks great on all bodies and is the ideal size for most adults. It is subtle enough to display the name, but not too prominent or large than life.
For those who like dramatic or exaggerated jewelry, a width greater than 1 1/2 inches is ideal. A name necklace with a larger width is more dramatic and extravagant. This necklace makes a great gift for people who like to go all out.

How to choose the right name necklace for you and your loved ones.

It can be difficult to choose the right name necklace. These tips and tricks will help you make the right choice and reduce the guesswork.

It’s important to keep it simple. Keep it familiar. Your first name, your role (e.g. ‘Mom’ and ‘Nana’) – keep it simple.
Think about their lifestyle. A mom who is always on the move is more likely to choose a smaller size name necklace, while a grandmother or professional who is less active might prefer something a little larger. When choosing a name necklace, be sure to take into account their daily activities.
Personalize your design to reflect their personality. You can personalize name necklaces to reflect the individuality of the recipient. For the woman who prefers a simple name necklace, you can add a birthstone for a more elaborate name necklace.
Make your own necklace! We can help you make a unique name necklace because all our necklaces are made, designed, and shipped from the same location.