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Benefits of Dressing Your Dog in Clothes

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There’s no dispute over the fact that dogs are cute However, there are many different opinions on whether they should be dressed in clothing. There are a lot of stereotypes about the kind pets that dress their pets. Some think it’s unneeded and selfish. Others believe it’s silly or even harmful. Although there are many reasons why pet owners dress their dogs on their pets but the main point is that dressing up for pets serves a purpose more than just being cute.

1. Regulate Body Temperature

One of the primary benefits of having your pet in a coat is to keep your dog warm whatever the conditions. It’s a simple idea during the winter months, when dogs that aren’t designed for cold weather can easily become cold. In putting your dog in an oversized sweater, and boots or socks makes it easier for your pet to take an exercise or keep warm enough inside. But, the summer months can be equally stressful for your dog because of the extreme heat and humidity. A cooling vest can avoid overheating, especially for dogs who are old or suffer from health issues.

2. Shield Against the Elements

No matter what time of year it is regardless of the time of year, there are always challenges to contend with, including the elements of wind, rain, snow and sun. These elements can all cause harm to your beloved pet therefore, take the safety step of wearing the appropriate gear to protect your pet just like you would do for yourself.

For instance, a light umbrella-hooded raincoat or poncho is ideal for a rainy days with fairly moderate temperature. If the sun shines brightly the UV-shielding clothing will stop harsh sunlight from reaching the skin of your dog. Make sure to wear stylish, practical sunglasses for eyes that are sensitive, too!

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3. Protect your fur and skin

It’s not the only thing that you should be looking out for to protect your pet’s skin. The outdoors is full of possible irritants. Bugs are highest of that list especially in the case of hiking or camping in wooded places. As an alternative or complement the bug spray dress your pet in an insect repellent shirt to protect your pet from insects. The clothing also stops dust, dirt as well as allergens and natural debris from entering the fur of your dog. This makes grooming and bathing much easier , and also aid in keeping your home neat and tidy.

Sometimes, the danger doesn’t originate out of nature, but from your dog. Do your pet chew and bite the skin of its owner? The wear of clothes can help discourage your dog from the behavior, and also allow for the wounds to heal properly.

4. Improve Overall Safety

As humans must wear the appropriate clothing for specific things, animals too need appropriate attire for certain. If you plan on swimming or surfing, make sure you get your dog a swimming suit. Going on a boat trip in the water? Make sure you put a dog’s life jacket on your pet also. Even the most skilled swimmers require additional protection in the event in the event of injury or accident.

Everyday activities require protection equipment. Nighttime walks can be hazardous for pedestrians, so invest in reflective clothing for your pet too. Whatever you’re doing, or when it’s bright, reflective and bright materials are the best way to enhance visibility. You’ll be more successful in finding your pet at the pool, in the park, or in the trees. You are able to prevent injury to your pet in the event that it is easy to see.

5. Make it a part of any Event

Your dog is member of your family and is therefore a part of the activities you take part in as members of your family. Are you planning to capture family photos? You’re likely to include your dog on the photo But why not also incorporate it into your themed or matching outfits also? This is the same for your custom of giving all of your family members festive pajamas at Christmas time and costumed for Halloween events.

Are you planning to have a wedding? If your dog participates in the ceremony, you are able to dress your dog to the role in a stylish outfit like a chic gown or tuxedo . Are you going to a sporting game or just watching it at your home? Your dog can wear the jersey of your team or favorite player. There is something that your dog can wear for any occasion!

Do you think dressing up your dog is Always a bad idea?

While pet fashion is a great option with many advantages but it’s not suitable for all. Be sure to take your pet’s behavior and preferences into account. If your dog is uncomfortable in his clothes, you can try an alternative style or let your dog wear his natural fur. Be aware that some accessories can pose choking hazards and you might prefer not to wear them in the event that your dog is known for chewing on and consuming every item.

How to Measure Your Dog’s Size to Find the Perfect Size Clothing

It’s crucial for your dog’s comfort that you ensure that you purchase the appropriate size clothing. Sizes for pets vary and you must know how to measure correctly:

* Begin by examining the neck. Find the place that the collar rests. It is typically the broadest part just ahead of the shoulders.

Then, determine the length of the back from the bottom of the neck until the tip of the tail.

The most important factor for a proper fitting is the chest size. Find the largest portion of your dog’s chest that is typically directly behind the front legs.

These measurements will help determine the size to choose. Be aware that at BaxterBoo the dimensions are based on the size of the product, not the pet’s size. Check that your pet’s measurements correspond to the size of the item. If you’re deciding the size between you, select the one that allows some room for wiggle in the neck and chest areas.

Express Your Dog’s Unique Personality

Whatever reason your dog’s clothing is worn and accessories, enjoy it! Your pet might have a say in what’s comfy, but the design and colors of your clothes are entirely yours to decide. This is your chance to display to the world how classy and quirky your pet is. You can also choose to express your own spirit of humor by wearing funny dog t-shirts. If your pet isn’t interested in style, then you can still enjoy by using normal pet accessories, like collars or ID tags, pet harnesses, and even toys.