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Benefits of Video Marketing for Dance Studios

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The revolution in video is currently taking over the world. YouTube along with other online video-sharing sites are extremely well-known (but the majority of users are on YouTube and not a lot of other sites, let’s face it) It’s also increasingly easy to share videos on social media sites like TikTok or Instagram.

Excellent and well-thought out But how does this relate to the dance studio you run?

Videos can help you get your studio’s name noticed and also keep it on top of minds’. They are a great way to showcase your classes and draw more attention to your dance studio’s site (where they can find more information and sign-up for classes).

Let’s take a look at a bit of math lite to discover the ways that video can improve you and your bottom line. Based on Onmicore In 2022, there will be more than 240 millions active YouTube viewers in the U.S which is 62% these users use YouTube every day (Hootsuite).

It’s obvious that you don’t need or desire all these people to view the videos of your studio (can do you think of a scenario?). However, what if .00001 percent of these people are part of your target market and view your video(s) throughout the period of a year? That’s 1488 people. If just 10% of them are enticed to let their child enroll in a classes? That’s 149 new pupils entering your studio (or more than that when they have siblings who are interested).

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The possibilities are limitless. However, if you’re doubtful…

Five Benefits to Using Video to market your dance Studio:

1. Videos can help you reach more people

The use of a video marketing plan allows your dance studio to be open to new audiences, and consequently, to new dancers. According to the latest report on digital trends from Hootsuite, YouTube is the most visited site in the world. If you do not release videos that are studio-quality, you’re losing access to the vast pool of potential buyers and are rapidly falling further behind.

By creating a robust website with video content and your dance studio’s name, you can be seen by a group of people who may not be able to visit your website or on social media channels.

2. Videos can help increase your studio’s Credibility

If you are trying to compete against experienced dance centers (or keep your place against upstart schools) Building credibility is essential for the success of a dance studio.

Your personal experience as well as your studio’s incredible programs and dancers in video creates credibility, which is difficult to achieve otherwise.

3. Videos are a great way to engage viewers

Agreeable. Captivating. Appealing. “Tending to draw attention or arouse interest”.

Your videos could be any of the above If you mix them your videos that are engaging are likely to be viewed and shared. For instance, you can begin by making an online testimonial video, later an informal studio tour and finally, create a “Dance Talk with Owner of the Studio” video.

This type of video technique also will result in viewers who will be more inclined to connect with your video.

How? Include a “call-to-action in your video to entice viewers to stay connected with your studio once they’ve finished watching. It could direct users to your website or request them to call during office hours to ask concerns about your schedule of classes and registration. This will allow viewers to learn more about your business, and as a result, you’ll have more value for your buck.

4. Videos Help You Win with Google

Google is the top search engine absolutely. It’s not a surprise. It might surprise you to discover, however, that the second-highest ranking worldwide search engine is YouTube. Not only your viewers who will be delighted by the videos you make available, Google will too. Google will reward websites that have regularly fresh, high-quality content, especially videos that are rich in content.

Videos can actually be favored over results with text or images in Google search results, especially if you have optimized your YouTube videos by including titles tags, descriptions, and titles. That means that your videos may be able to rank high for the most relevant terms in Google search. If your visually appealing videos are able to rank high in the rankings of pages They are more likely to draw the attention of the users rather more than the textual listings that surround them.

5. Videos are increasingly being used by your Competition

Since videos are becoming an increasingly part of our lives and we become more comfortable sharing them with other people it is natural that smart studio owners will include video on their social media and websites channels. In fact, increasing numbers of dance studios use videos.

What we’ve observed is that, besides the gorgeous studio promo videos on certain websites studio owners aren’t certain of the best direction to take with video. Sometimes , we’ll catch small clips of a dance routine being performed. Sometimes, we’ll see excerpts from recitals or studio tours. That… could be the extent of it.

Although it’s nice to put videos on a site for the sake of it but people miss the boat if the videos aren’t an integral part of a wider marketing strategy. To be certain we’re not speaking of (shudder) “salesy” videos. Videos can be informative, fun and enjoyable. The difference is that being a bit more mindful and thoughtful when you produce your videos and the way you distribute they can go from being an enjoyable distraction to becoming an integral component of a strategy for marketing which will attract new dancers into your company.

Video won’t go away. It’s growing bigger and more LARGE each year. You can sit back, contemplate and observe as local studios begin to implement videos strategies. Or, implement video on your own and jump ahead of your competition.