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Everything You Need to Know About Ordering a Wedding Cake

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If you are planning your wedding, picking the ideal wedding cake to commemorate your wedding is an enormous task on its own. There are a lot of options. From buttercreams to ganache to sugar flowers, and even the art of piping, it’s somewhat overwhelming! We’ve got all the bases covered. Before you decide to purchase the wedding cake that you have always wanted We want to make sure that you have everything covered. We’ve put together all the information you need to know about brides about cake. Check it out!

How do I book a Cake Vendor

Similar to any other element of planning your wedding choosing the perfect cake is crucial! The process of selecting the perfect cake begins with choosing the ideal vendor. Finding the right vendor for you should begin by conducting researching. Research, research, and more research! Look for vendors whose look design, price and appearance are compatible with your wedding’s checklist. If you’ve located the wedding cake vendor you’ve always wanted It’s time to make a reservation! You can make a reservation for an appointment for a tasting over the phone or make an inquiry via their website! Find a way that works for you! Don’t forget, prior to the cake tasting, you should bring your list of questions. These are the questions we believe brides should be prepared for at every tasting they go to! Let your taste buds do the work!

What does an Wedding Cake Tasting Look Like

After you’ve sifted through every wedding website as well as Pinterest board, you’ve chosen your wedding planner! Yay! It’s time for the most wonderful day of your life the day of cake tasting! Who doesn’t get overly excited about eating a plethora of cake? In addition to all the fun however, you should be aware of what is happening in a typical cake tasting. In most cases, the couple will discuss with the baker about flavor combinations, and then decide on what the overall design of the cake will look like. It’s essentially an open-ended brainstorming session, but with delicious desserts. In the end, the couple gets to choose their wedding cake’s topper. Pick the fresh bouquet or a family heirloom, or a traditional wedding statuette for the bride and groom. Let your imagination be free! Keep your budget in mind so that you don’t get mistakes down the road!

Cake Size Per Guest

Have you had a nightmare at a wedding in which there wasn’t enough cake? We certainly hope that it’s not the case, but we would like to make sure that every bride knows the right quantity of cake based on the guests she has invited. Wilton is a tried-and reliable cake expert, says that a three-tier cake (6x8x10 round) can serve up to 74 guests. Others say that traditionally three tiers are able to serve 50 and 100 guests. So according to the number of guests you have you could add layers to your cake to make it more accommodating. Remember that every guest will not get a piece of cake, and certain guests might say “no” therefore we suggest placing your order when you have a solid guest list. The cake is the highlight however, having too much cake could be a trouble! A good tip to remember is that wedding cakes are typically priced per slices ($1.50 or $15) Keep that in mind before you are ordering the cake you want for your guests. It also fits within your budget!

Cake Flavor Options

When it comes to choosing the perfect flavor of your wedding cake the options for flavor combinations are limitless. Your cake will be a thing you will remember for a long time therefore we’d like to make sure you choose the right flavor for your wedding day! It is recommended to choose the flavor of your cake after you’ve decided on the theme of your wedding. Different flavors are appropriate in different season. For instance, lemons would be a wonderful choice for an outdoor wedding! All in all, pick the flavor you and your groom like the most! With help from your baker experiment with different frosting flavors and flavor combinations Do not think that you must pick only one flavor. Have fun and be creative! We’ve put together some of the most requested wedding cake flavors to get you started! Enjoy!

Vanilla with strawberry jam and buttercream frosting
Red velvet with cream cheese frosting
Carrot with cream cheese frosting and topped with candied pecans
Chocolate with chocolate frosting or white chocolate buttercream frosting
Lemon, with vanilla buttercream frosting, with lemon curd filling and decorated with raspberry jam
Pink champagne with Bavarian cream frosting and topped with strawberries
White chocolate raspberry with white-chocolate buttercream , and jam filled with raspberry

Wedding Cake Design

If you design it correctly when it is designed correctly, your wedding cake will become the focal point of your reception for all of your guests to enjoy! The cake you choose to serve should reflect the theme of your wedding and also complement your d├ęcor. There are a myriad of style choices and trends, so look into designs and ideas, or consult with your cake maker to choose the style that appeals to you. That being said we’ve got some fantastic ways to create a gorgeous wedding cake that will make your wedding day memorable. The first is that the interior of your cake should be a mirror image to the exterior in regards to flavor and style. If you opt for the lemon cake, you can play with lemon-based accents for your cake. Have you heard of the phrase “opposites draw”? Try playing with design elements such as the lace, appliques, flowers and textures. Mix metallics with sleek lines. Mix colors that contrast. Also, if you’re looking to incorporate fresh flowers on your cake, select the flowers in bloom for the day you plan to get married. So, they’ll be in bloom and at their finest. Flowers you want aren’t in season? Don’t worry, opt instead on sugar blooms. They are just like real flowers and are a beautiful aesthetic aspect for your dessert. We’ve mentioned it repeatedly that the possibilities are endless therefore, pick a cake that is in line with your taste and will make you smile!

What are you looking for in Serving?

Oh, how it is fun to make wedding cakes Melbourne! The cutting of the cake is an old tradition that was used to honour both the groom and bride. It’s such a lovely moment when the couple take cake for a bite and exchange it in the very first place the presence all their family and friends. The process of cutting cake is simple you think? But it isn’t provided you are using the correct serving tools. After cutting out the cake begin in cutting it from the bottom of the tier using a knife, but not on the server. After that, using the knife, move it onto the server and place on a platter! Viola! Make sure you pick an appropriate serving knife for your wedding you will treasure for many years to be!

Who is responsible for cutting the Cake?

For any wedding ceremony there’s an accepted manner of conducting yourself when it comes to cutting the cake, this is no any different. When traditional ceremonies are held the cake is typically cut during the dinner and dancing. This gives a quiet signal for families with kids or older couples to be able to leave if they’re going to be staying for their “party.” If cutting the cake it is a tradition that has been in place for a long time, with couples cutting the cake to smash it into their faces. A few couples would prefer their maid of honor to perform cutting the cake or an amiable family member. Another option is having people at the venue do the cutting ceremony. Be aware that some caterers or venues charge a cake cutting cost per slice. The person who cuts the cake is entirely dependent on the groom and bride’s choice. There is no way to be wrong!

What Other Things Does an Couple need for their Cake Cutting?

We mentioned previously that when cutting cake, the primary crucial tool is a cake knife and a serving set! Serving sets come in many types, shapes, and colors that will suit the bride-to-be! Additionally the usual serving ware that they can use to complement. These comprise champagne flutes, personalized napkins as well as serving dishes and forks that are in keeping with the style of the wedding. Check out our favorite wedding items on the shop on Amazon shop!

Restoring the Top Tier

The earliest evidence dates back to in the 18th century quite a while back couples have saved the top layer on their cake for weddings. Couples save their wedding cake so that they can take a bite to celebrate their wedding anniversary. It’s very sweet! The most effective way to save your cake would be to cover it securely in plastic wrap, then keep inside an airtight box that is kept in the freezer. Before wrapping the cake, make sure you get rid of any fresh flowers or leaves, sugar accents , or decorations to avoid getting the freezer burn. If you’ve forgotten to save a cake from your wedding day, or you don’t feel like eating cake from a year ago do not panic. Contact the cake shop you used to order from and request a cake with the same flavor to celebrate your birthday! If you’re planning to get the best you must coordinate with an amiable family member or your bridesmaid of honor to take the top layer of the cake for preservation at the reception, and then move it to a freezer after the celebration. With these suggestions take your cake to the table and know that this long-standing tradition will provide you and your spouse with wealth and luck for many years to come! Cheers!