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How to choose your wedding music

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The right band will guarantee a memorable wedding reception that you and your guests will never forget.
It doesn’t take much to know that there are a lot of things to consider when planning a wedding. The entertainment is just as important as the venue, food, and transport. The difference between a memorable wedding reception that you and your guests will never forget and one you will cherish for many years to come is choosing the right band.

Many couples find it stressful to hire entertainment for their wedding. After all, you don’t often get called upon to book live bands! We have some great tips for hiring a band that will make your wedding planning easier.

Talk to Your Wedding Venue

Before you think about hiring a wedding band, it is important to have an open conversation with your venue. Many wedding venues have restrictions on live music for a variety of reasons. You should check whether the venue allows live music and, if so, what volume restrictions they have. It is your responsibility to let your band know if there are any restrictions before you book.

Many venues have a sound limiter to ensure that volume restrictions are met. It is important to find out the decibel limit of your venue before booking. Bands can modify their performances to meet any decibel limit, but they will need to be informed in advance so that they can bring the appropriate equipment.

Entertainment agencies have the experience to work with venues with sound limitsers and can help you with any questions.

Book through a Trusted Agency

A reputable wedding entertainment agency can help you book your wedding band. An agency that is reliable and trustworthy will have a variety of well-respected wedding bands available for you. This makes it easy to compare the acts, as well as make sure you are safe in the knowledge each band will deliver an excellent performance on your big day.

If you aren’t sure what kind of band you want, entertainment agencies can help you. Expert advisers will talk to you about your wedding to learn all about it and make suggestions based on your requirements. They can also speak to bands on your behalf so that you don’t have to contact multiple people to inquire about them.

Agency security is another area where they excel. Online payment is possible through established entertainment agencies. They will create legally binding contracts between your act and you, giving you peace of mind knowing that your booking has been confirmed.

Make sure to check independent reviews sites such as Trustpilot, Facebook, and Google for any feedback about the agency or your chosen wedding band.

You can set your budget

A wedding live band Singapore can cost you hundreds to thousands of pounds. The price you can expect to pay for a live wedding band is generally higher if there are more members. You should also consider the popularity and experience of your preferred band, as well as how far they will need to travel to perform at you wedding. Travel expenses and accommodation costs can quickly add up.

A 4-piece band costs between $900 and $1300 on average. Even if this is not within your budget, there are still top-quality live musicians that you can hire for your special day. You can choose to have a solo or a duo act, or a reduced band to meet your budget. Solo and duo performers can achieve a full band sound with the help of professional backing tracks and loop pedals.

Choose Your Sound

There’s a band that can perform for you, no matter what your musical preferences. You’ll be able to find bands easily divided into different styles and genres on an entertainment agency website. This makes it easier to search for the right act. Contact the agency if you have difficulty finding a suitable band. After a brief chat, they should be able offer suggestions.

Consider your loved ones and friends when choosing your wedding band. Consider a band that can perform a variety of songs if you want a packed dance floor. This way everyone can have their moment to dance to their favourite song.

What’s Included?

Once you have a rough idea of the type of wedding band that you are looking for, you can start searching for your dream band. You’ll often fall in love with a band’s promotional video. Even if you are a fan of a band, it is important to look into their entertainment packages so that you can book the right package for you.

Look at the repertoire of your chosen band. You won’t be disappointed if your chosen band doesn’t know the songs you want to hear at your wedding reception. Most wedding bands will teach you your first dance song in their standard package. However, extra requests will usually incur an additional charge to cover the cost of learning additional material.

You should also find out if they provide sound and lighting equipment as part of their standard fees (most do), and if they offer a DJ service. This will tell you when they will arrive, set up and finish. You may also want to add musicians or background music for daytime, such as an acoustic set.

Book Your Wedding Band

Although this may seem obvious, it is crucial that we emphasize the following: If you find a band that you love, don’t wait to book them ASAP. You can avoid missing out on the best wedding bands by booking them immediately!