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What Does Trimming Your Hair Entail?

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If you have been putting off trimming your hair, this is the day that you should stop.

For many years I believed that trimming your hair has any positive effects at all. In fact, I’m going to be honest with you here because that’s the thing I’m passionate about.

I believed that people who cut their hair were doing it to show off, they simply wanted to do it because their hairdresser had told them to and not because they were required to.

I wasn’t sure that black women needed to get their hair trimmed.

I didn’t realize at the time that I was in the wrong. There are numerous benefits to trimming hair that I’ll talk about with you in just a moment.

What exactly does trimming your hair Requires?

If you trim lengths of hair you basically eliminate the damages that your hair can experience through daily activities. Trimming your hair is also called dusting the areas of hair because you’re removing the parts that could be damaged.

How Often Do You Need to Trim Your Hair?

There are a variety of opinions about how often to trim your hair. A lot of that choice should be based on your own personal situation.

For instance, if you are prone to doing a lot of things with your hair then you will need to trim more frequently.

If you do fairly low maintenance hairstyles such as twist outs then you may discover that you don’t have to trim your hair as frequently.

The more you get to know your hair , the more simple it will be for you to see when you are likely to need a trim.

If you are new to trimming , it is advisable to cut your hair every four months or so. If you’re trying to retain more length then you may want to wait longer than that, perhaps 6- 8 months instead.

If you decide to delay your hair, then I would suggest that you exercise extreme care when handling your hair and limit your hair manipulation to at a minimum.

Does Cutting Hair Help With Hair Loss?

Hair loss on its own does not help with loss of hair.

What is does do is to give the impression that your hair looks larger than it really is.

If you’re noticing loss of hair around certain places, it’s a good option to opt for cut short so that the loss isn’t as apparent.

If you are worried that your hair loss is much more severe, it would be wise to see a specialist in hair care.
Is Trimming Good For Hair Growth?

The common misconception that many have is that cutting their hair will make it grow faster. That is simply just not the case.

Trimming your hair does not cause it to grow faster, but what it does is help to promote healthful hair growth.

If you think that your ends of hair look a rough and not natural, then it’s likely that you could be required to trim your hair.

What’s The Difference Between A Trim and a Hair Cut?

Although there are some similarities between the two, there are some distinctions too.

When you trim your hair you will only cut a tiny portion of your hair off. Perhaps 1/2 inch at a time.

A haircut is much more distinctive and can be any length of hair. It is possible that you have long hair and have decided to cut it completely.

Whist both are technically cutting your hair, trimming is more gentle.

My Best Tip For You

If there’s a single important point I can give you regarding trimming your hair it’s to always ensure that you use proper professional scissors. They are specifically designed for cutting hair.

If you attempt to cut your hair using regular scissors, you’ll get split ends, as they’re not designed for this purpose.

1. Great For Growth

Cutting your hair can seem to be counterproductive when you’re trying to lengthen your hair but I’m here to tell that it’s not.

The advantages of trimming your hair can be enormous.

When you trim your hair you’re removing the areas of your hair that do more harm than good. This allows for healthy hair to start to grow.

If you’ve been struggling to maintain growth trimming could make a big difference to you.

2. Promotes Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is an absolute must when you want to have something you can admire.

It is completely pointless having long hair if , when others take a look, it looks frizzled and fried (if that’s even a word).

Hair that is damaged will be hanging on by a thread . You are likely to suffer more breakage as an effect of it.

You must maintain your hair in the top condition by regularly trimming it.

3. Get Free of Split Gets Rid of Split

Split ends are everyone’s enemy. Everyone hates them.

If you notice split ends there is no way that you can fix split ends. A hair that was an individual healthy strand has split in two, which makes it weaker and unattractive.

If you think that by being more gentle to split ends, they won’t get any worse, this isn’t accurate.

Split ends travel. The only way to stop a split-end traveling and causing more damage is to trim off the split end. This is why trimming it regularly should be a necessary element of your hair care routine.

4. Removing Swollen It’s Over

Have you ever noticed a person that has swollen looking ends?

It’s when the ends of the hair appear more puffy than the hair closer to the roots.

It’s a sign of damage. You need to trim it.

5. No More Heat Damage

We’ve all likely suffered some type of heat damage before. The main causes of this are usually hair straighteners or blow-drying.

Unfortunately, once you have heat damage you can’t repair it.

I’m aware of some manufacturers who claim that you can repair damage caused by heat, but you can’t. Once you’ve got heat damage, and it’s there, that’s all it is. The only solution is to cut it off and grow it over again.

If cutting your hair makes your stomach turn into a knot, and you are unable to manage it, then reduce it every for a month, until all damage is been eliminated.

When you next want to straighten your hair, try this method instead.

6. Easier To Style

Having hair that is damaged or the ends just don’t seem to be as good makes styling very difficult as it’s almost like working with 2 different hair textures, but not in a pleasant way.

Hair that is damaged tends to not do what you want it as well, making styling a lot harder.

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7. Makes hair look thinner

When you begin trimming your hair, you’ll immediately be able to see the positive effects it has on your hair.

Your hair will look much stronger and healthier from the beginning to end.

8. This prevents the single Strand Knots

Single strand knots can be an issue for us who have naturally curly hair. The reason is because the strands of hair tend to tangle and twist around each other.

There’s not anything you can do about it. Maintaining your hair stretched out state can help to reduce the negative effects, but you may not necessarily want your hair stretched.

The reason that single stand knots pose troublesome is because they result in more tangles since other hairs get caught up in them , too.

The hair that is naturally shedding can also become entangled and cause many more breakages that are unnecessary.

9. Reduces Frizz

Frizz is another issue which you must avoid where possible.

Frizz may occur if often wear a lot of hats and scarves. Hair is delicate, and frizz can result in damage to the hair’s braids.

Regular trimming can help to keep this in check.

10. Easier To Detangle

It is a must to untangle your hair. is an entire process on it own but that process becomes more difficult when confronted with ends that aren’t well-maintained.

It is likely that you will have to handle breakages, split ends, and other issues of all kinds.

This is why the advantages of trimming your hair are vast compared to not trimming at all.

The regular trimming of your hair will cut down on the time required to untangle.

11. Keeps Hair Looking Good

There is overall goodness in taking care of your hair. If you’ve ever wondered how some people style their hair that they look like they’ve just stepped out of the salon moment it’s likely because they’ve put in the effort to maintain their regular trimming.

3 Different Methods To Trim Your Hair

1. Search and Destroy

Find and eliminate is a strategy that can be quite addictive if you are not mindful.

It’s a straightforward method that requires you to look for strands of hair that are split, hair damage, or are generally in bad shape.

The idea is that you search, you find, you cut. It’s a satisfying process . You’ll have to know when to stop.

It is a good idea to use this method however, you should be aware that it is unlikely that you’ll eliminate all the damaged hairs.

The most effective way to approach this issue is to work your hair in small sections at a time.

2. Naturally curly hair trim

If you’d prefer, you can trim your hair in its natural curls, but you’ll require a little some practice before you can do this otherwise you have the chance that you will make some areas shorter than other areas.

3. Straight Hair Trim

Trimming your hair straight is going to be the easiest method of doing it.

The benefit of cutting your hair in this manner is that you’ll have greater control over making sure what you are trimming is precise and that you don’t cut too short in areas.

Final Thoughts On The Benefits of Trimming Hair

I can’t stress enough the importance of routine cutting of natural hair for every reason I’ve already discussed.

If you would like your natural hair to grow the right way then you must ensure that trimming is a part of your routine. Don’t skip it.