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Basic VS Full Valet

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If you drive lots of miles, or just make use of your vehicle for getting to and from your shops it is certain that your vehicle is going to be soiled very quickly.

Car valet (also called car detailing) can bring back the look of your car back to how it was when it was like it was brand new. If you’re in need of cleaning before selling your vehicle to increase the value of your resales or make sure you’re thoroughly cleaning your vehicle, a complete car valet is the best choice.

If you’re in search of a full car valet or cleaning service, we’ll be delighted to assist. Here’s everything you must learn about our valet service for your car!

What is a luxury car valet?

Our complete valet service is designed to provide your car’s exterior and interior an extensive deep cleaning to maintain the original look of a showroom.

Most of us don’t want to take a long time cleaning, vacuuming polishing, buffing and cleaning our cars. That’s why a car detailing service which offers this service will help you save a lot of time, stress and give you the best professional clean and polished.

To ensure that your paintwork remains intact and to prevent the accumulation of dirt, we typically recommend the valet service every six months but many clients prefer having their valet performed more often.

The basic valet for cars is typically the most sought-after option for those who want to maintain the appearance of their vehicles and is ideal for people who are looking to sell their cars or people who’ve neglected their vehicles for a while.

What is a Full Car Valet include?

A complete car valet will include the full vacuum (including the entire interior, including the seats as well as the side and boot pockets) Cleaning and buffing on all floors and substances including a full leather wash complete inside shampoo cleaning (of carpets, seats, and mats) Window cleaning and tyre shine. We also assist in the elimination of any tar marks as well as an all-encompassing polishing of the exterior. Also, we’ll add the option of an air purifier to make your vehicle better for longer!

We only use the top products for your car to give it a sparkling appearance straight from the showroom.

What are the benefits of having a Car Valet service?

The main advantage of having a car valet is that it will keep your vehicle clean and free of bacteria and dirt, which is why it’s an essential thing to have when you are often unable to wash your vehicle.

Car valets can bring your vehicle back to its showroom-quality condition. This is ideal when you’re planning to sell your vehicle, and that’s when the full valet might be more suitable.

Keep your vehicle in well-maintained condition with a routine valet is sure to increase the value of your car as well as you might discover that a clean car could fetch hundreds or pounds higher.

Comparatively to the typical vehicle wash, the car valet professionals have a high level of expertise in providing top-quality service that protects the paintwork of scratches and lasts longer.

It is true that we don’t all have the time to completing the personal valet we have at the comfort of our homes. Valeting your car allows you to get your car professionally cleaned all through, without the requirement for you to be present, allowing you the freedom to move into your day.

What is the cost of a car Valet Cost?

The car valet service we offer starts at just PS15 and goes up to PS150 depending on the quality of service that is required.

How Much Time Does a Car Valet Need to Take?

The length of time required to complete the valet service for your vehicle will depend entirely on the kind of valet services you pick. A basic valet service could last up to two hours, while the full valet service could be completed in the course of the day. We will have the time to thoroughly clean, vacuum, vacuum polish and buff your car.

Our certified vehicle valeters have plenty of experience in cleaning cars and are able to give your car the fresh car feeling.

To make a reservation for an auto valet, get contact us today.