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The Car Scrappage Scheme

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Did you have the idea how scrapping the car may aid the environmental?

In the UK the UK, all legal scrappage facilities must comply with environmental laws that require recycling different components and other materials. In particular, the current metals that can be recycled stop the need for mining new mineral or metal resources.

Prior to the introduction of regulations in the past, scrapping vehicles was harmful to the environment as the harmful fluids in the vehicle weren’t drained prior to being compacted. This resulted in contamination of water systems and the soil at scrap yards can be extremely hazardous to the health.

Environmental regulations today help to reduce the toxicity of scrapping vehicles, and substances like mercury are eliminated and recycled in a safe manner. Scrapyards for cars such as Scrap Cars and Vans Bristol are required to be equipped to handle hazardous substances and to have a well-constructed infrastructure to stop the release of toxic substances.

Scrap Parts That Can be Recycled

When it comes to the process of scrapping your vehicle, you should to look for the best price. There are many variables that can affect the price you pay when you scrap a car but if the entire car remain intact it is likely that you will be able to get more than when you just remove the pieces. Certain parts could be worth more than you imagine.

Another reason why scrapping cars is beneficial to the environment. The scrap can be used to build another vehicle. From mirrors and tyres to radiators and batteries some of the components of your car may have the potential of living in a brand new car which will prevent them from being thrown away. This has an effect that knocks on, which means less material will need to be produced.

To make steel for the new automobile massive quantities of coal are burned, which releases greenhouse gases that contribute to pollution. If we can recycling and lessen the quantity of steel that has to be manufactured in the first place, the effect of the environmental impact will be much smaller.

Scrappage Scheme

Numerous manufacturers have launched scrappage trade-in incentives in order to motivate owners to switch to a less polluting model. There’s also Ultra-low-emission zone (ULEZ) that came into effect in April of that year. It was introduced in London. The drivers will be charged who drive diesel vehicles that do not conform to those Euro 6 standards, or the petrol vehicle they drive does not conform to those Euro 4 standards, to be able to drive within a specific zone. The designated zones will be expanded in the future years.

To stop this from happening it has been introduced an innovative car scrappage program implemented for low income or disabled drivers who live in London. This allows them to get money back from scrapping their vehicle if it isn’t in compliance with ULEZ standards and to upgrade to a car which is more environmentally friendly.

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