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Van locks: Do they increase van safety?

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A lot of times, vans are used by couriers and tradespeople, and have expensive equipment, which could become an appealing car thieves’ targets than vans.

What do you do to secure your vehicle and the contents of it?

One method to make your vehicle less appealing for thieves is by installing new van locks. However, there are the many options available for purchase, it’s difficult to select the best one. This article we will discuss how to find the ideal locks for your vehicle.

To ensure that your van is safe, you can buy the following kinds of locks:

Van deadlock

Deadlock is a lock mechanism that is fitted to the door of your van to give you an additional level of security. Your security in your van can be enhanced by installing deadlocks for vans: due to the absence the spring mechanisms deadlocks are nearly impossible to open or pick to open. A key is typically the only way to unlock the deadlock. When the lock is secure and secure, then the lock should be secured (make sure you don’t shut yourself out! ).

Deadlocks have a distinct mechanism to lock the other locks on the van. Even if thieves do manage to break through the original lock of the van but the deadlock prevents the thieves from getting access to.

The deadlocks on vans are not unlocked from inside the vehicle , either. So, a burglar has no chance of breaking through a window by removing it from the inside and then opening the van.

Van Slam Lock

Slam locks are different from deadlocks because they don’t require the use of a key in order to secure them. Slam lock locks instantly when you close the door, as the name implies. It is unlocked only by using keys.

The slam lock takes over the role of the door handle on the van. When you turn on the lock, one will be able to unlock the door without having to pull on handles.

For drivers who have frequent drop-offs like couriers, slam lock are the ideal option. Being able to secure your van by simply closing the doors can aid to keep it safe while you’re making a lot of deliveries.

Slam locks may, however, be de-locked by removing the lock from inside.

The van catalytic converter locks

The precious metals in catalytic converters aid them to reduce the amount of pollution. Unfortunately the precious metals make them attractive to thieves.

Catloc is one of the well-known kind that locks catalytic converters. It’s similar to a cage, which protects the catalytic converter and makes it difficult to take off. Catlocs were initially designed to be used in Toyota automobiles. But, they are now able to be used by numerous manufacturers.

Internal security locks for van

There are many options to fit locks to your van, If you’re looking for additional security. They’re often called mechanical immobilisers.

Gear lever locks tend to be the most commonly used. These locking devices can be attached onto the wheel, or they clamp the gear stick and handbrake to each other.

The criminal is likely to have a difficult task in stealing your vehicle, even if they manage to break into it.

Secure lockboxes

Lockboxes that bolt onto the floor of your van could be used to protect tools to be transported inside your van or. These safe storage boxes to keep your important tools secure when you’re not able to remove them overnight.

If you have costly tools, it is also advisable to think about a tool cover.

Which is better? Van deadlocks or Slam locks?

The type of lock you pick will be based on the way you intend to use your vehicle.

A slam lock may be the best choice if are a courier that makes frequent deliveries. This is due to the less risk of leaving the van without locking it. Since the slam locks are incorporated into the existing locking mechanism it is the only security line.

Deadlocks offer an additional security layer that can’t be opened or removed through the interior, making them safer. Over time deadlocks are for vehicles have been extensively tested, and are now extremely reliable.

Van locks: Can they improve the security of vans?

Your vehicle will be resistant to theft by thieves when you have locks installed. It is typical that thieves look for easy targets, so they might opt to avoid bothering when they discover that your vehicle has a good lock.

Even a determined burglar might have a difficult time getting into your vehicle when the lock is properly designed.

Installing locks in the appropriate places inside your van you’ll increase security for the van itself as well as for any valuables in the van.
Does it really matter if van security locks lower my insurance costs?

The cost of insurance for your van is dependent on the amount of risk that is involved. If your vehicle will be more susceptible to being taken or broken into, the rates will be more expensive.

If you can increase the van’s security by putting in locks, you decrease the possibility of theft and, naturally, expect insurance to be less expensive. However, that’s not always the situation. Certain insurance companies may consider installing new locks to your van as modifications. This could mean increased insurance costs. It is always advisable to speak with your insurance provider before making any major modifications to your vehicle.

Your insurance costs for your van aren’t only determined by security, though. A variety of aspects are considered which include:

The kind of van
What is the purpose of the van
The place you reside
What you do to earn your living.

How do you choose the right lock for security on your vehicle

Your lock choice will depend on the van’s design and model, the location you will keep it, and your budget.

People who frequently drop from their vehicle, like delivery drivers, could prefer a slam lock, However, those who do not require constant access to their cars might prefer deadlocks.

What else can do to improve my van’s security?

Your vehicle will be safer if you replace the locks. But, you can make these changes to build your security:

Make use of an alarm system as well as an immobiliser

Your vehicle is protected against theft by installing an alarm that disables the engine and an alarm. The thief may have trouble starting your vehicle without a key in the event that they are able to gain entry to the vehicle.

Use a UV pen mark your tools

The theft of high-value tools and equipment is increasing. When you label your possessions by this method, the police can locate them if they are seized or sold.

Install an electronic van tracker

A tracker may assist police in locating your vehicle in the event that it is stolen prior to when it’s destroyed.

Do I have to install an electronic van lock onto a leased van?

Deadlocks and Slam locks are becoming more and more popular van security options The best part is that we are able to provide and install the locks prior to delivery.

In the alternative it is possible for the installation of the lock by yourself. We recommend using a manufacturer-approved installer. If you are returning your van at the end of the contract, you will not be required to remove the locks as this could cause irreparable damage to the vehicle.

Have I the choice to add a tracker onto my van that I lease?

Yes, you are able to install the tracker to your van. You can add this option to the lease agreement and then spread out costs across the duration of the lease or pay an upfront cost.

We recommend you use a manufacturer-approved business if you want to add the tracker after you’ve taken delivery.