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Why invest in wrapping machines?

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If you’re in search of an efficient method of packaging many different items such as food items, pharmaceutical and medical or technical items the horizontal flow wrappers are the perfect solution. Many items can be packaged horizontally using the form of a pillow pack – products are wrapped with the form of a film, which is wrapped in a heat seal at both ends to ensure a secure packaging.

In every field the competition is intense and enhancing processes to gain a ahead of the competition is crucial. Manufacturers and packaging experts are increasing relying on horizontal flow wrappers to package their goods and there are many reasons for this.

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Lower your expenses and improve margins

While horizontal flow wrappers need an initial investment but in the long run switching to automated processing can help reduce labour costs and decreases production waste. Technology makes sure that the exact bag’s length is utilized each time, which means that there is less film left. The money saved from wasted materials and labor can swiftly pay for the initial investment cost and contribute to profits.

It’s crucial to think about flow wrapping allows certain food items, in particular food products that are sold in smaller quantities, thereby providing consumers with more options and better value customers, as well as helping to improve profits margins.

To prevent contamination and ensure freshness

Flow wrapped pillows are an excellent choice for items that must be shielded from contamination from outside so that it is safe for final consumer. Flow wrapping provides a barrier that blocks out any item that could harm the packaging products. In particular sealing out oxygen can help to keep food items fresher for longer.

Storage, transport, and display

Flow wrapped items are simple to store or stack neatly, which means they require less space when they are stored. They also are easy to pack into bulk to transport and are able to safely and effectively be displayed and stored on shelves in retail stores without the need for additional resources.

Shelf appeal

Films for flow wraps can be printed using your logo making sure that the products stand out on the retail shelves. From clear plastic films to fully printed flow wraps, there’s a wealth of options to draw the consumer’s focus during the time of the sale.

Improve the efficiency of packaging

The most significant advantage for horizontal flow wrappers lies in the fact that they’re made to ensure the effective packaging of large orders in very short time frames, while ensuring the same quality of packaging quality for every product. The speedier, more efficient packaging methods mean that companies can handle an increase in demand and meet the short lead time for large orders. A more efficient packaging process and speedy delivery can make an organization more appealing to prospective customers.