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5 Advantages of a Modern Kitchen Design

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A neat, clean and tidy kitchen could be the most effective way to improve your house and your overall efficiency. The effect of a tidy kitchen doesn’t only affect the visual but it also helps to unwind the mind. In this regard we’re going to share the advantages of a well-organized kitchen, as well as our top tips to create the perfect clutter-free, fashionable space.

How do you organise your kitchen space?

An unorganized kitchen can mean that the usual tasks can take longer than normal to complete. Although you might not even notice the few extra minutes you spend searching for the correct crockery or the appliances you require but it’s amazing how those hours are added up.

It has also been proved to affect the brain. Neuroscientists from Princeton University found that when they examined individuals’ performance in a tidy and organized space, it was superior to that of an unorganized space. The reason for this is that the clutter of the environment draws your attention. This can increase stress levels and also reduces your performance.

Unorganized spaces also lack the elegance and class of a space that is well-organized. The sleek lines and smart storage solutions in our kitchens demonstrate that less is more that’s why we combine simple, minimalist design with bold designs in our contemporary kitchens.

Five steps to an organized kitchen

Make the most of your storage space

If you’re in the process of designing your kitchen, be sure that you consider the space for storage you require. Vertically dividing a space will allow for additional storage, and other elements, like the kitchen island can be used to store items in a hidden location.

If you’re looking for a way to brighten up your kitchen, take out all the cabinets and begin with the beginning. There’s a lot of things that have gotten into cabinets over the years that shouldn’t even be there.

Make it easy

To ensure that your kitchen is organized and can be sustainable, it is essential to ensure that your layout is functional. Be sure that your kitchen is following the principle of the triangle of work and put items such as recycling bins near the area for kitchen cleanup as well as all your cookware and pots in close proximity to the oven.

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Keep items in storage for the use

The majority of families have cabinets for different uses – one to store condiments, another one to store cereals and one for pans and pots. While this is a good starting point, it’s essential to organize all your items according to the how often they are used. Place everyday items on easily accessible shelves, and put your most-used pieces on taller shelves.

Maximize the use of the limited space

If you have a small kitchen that has limited storage space, search for creative solutions to increase the efficiency of the space. Shelf organizers that slide are helpful for pots and pans and drawer dividers can also be helpful to organize the kitchen.

Do an annual spring cleaning

Although it’s not the most exciting task spring cleaning can be a significant improvements to the kitchen’s appearance in few hours. Clean out your cabinets and organize them. Give your fridge freezer a thorough cleaning, and throw away all of the old food items that have found its way to the back of the fridge, and eliminate any things you’ve never used during the entire year.

A kitchen with a well-organized layout and style is the best option – so why not make your home organization simpler with a new modern kitchen?