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Advantages of a HMO Management Service

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There’s no doubt about the advantages when you let the property as an HMO property. More tenants means higher rent each month. The earning potential is great and, depending on the location demand could be excessive. A house that is a few feet away from a college such as, for instance, will be filled with prospective tenants waiting around the block.

Of course you can find two sides of each coin. As an HMO landlord isn’t an easy task. There is a financial benefit there. However, you need to be a bit more dedicated to reaping the rewards. There are a lot additional rules and regulations that you must follow when compared with the other properties that rent out. However, if you’re choosing the HMO option What are the essentials you should know and how do you manage your home without the use of the services of an estate broker? We’ll explore these issues in the following article.

A plethora of red tape

The first thing you’ll have to deal with is the regulations and rules that you must follow. There’s a lot more bureaucracy when you are letting an HMO. For instance, there’s a requirement for licensing for properties that have at least four tenants. However, every local council could additionally have its own license regulations as well. You should are aware of the local licensing rules before you decide to rent your home. If you’re not sure, consult the local council. There are serious financial penalties for operating an HMO without a valid license Make sure you’re protected.

It is also necessary to adhere to all other standards, such as regular gas safety inspections as well as Energy Performance Certificates making sure that your home is safe to live in. However, HMOs also have additional rules for fire safety. It could be that they have additional smoke alarms as well as signage in communal areas, for instance. Make sure that you are completely aware of the rules that apply to you.

Locating your tenants

A fully-occupied HMO is a good investment. However it is necessary to find tenants first. Finding tenants can be difficult. If you’re doing your own advertising you must be prepared and ensure that you spread the word quickly.

Many tenants, especially students and young people tend to start their search for a property on the internet. You must be there as well. The biggest online letting platforms such as Rightmove and Zoopla are not accessible for private landlords. Only licensed letting agents are able to post ads on these websites. It is beneficial to employ a HMO management agent to locate your tenants.

The cash flow must be maintained

One potential downside to HMOs is that they can have a vacant space for some throughout the calendar year. This is not a problem for students, void times are nearly impossible during the summer season. I say “almost” because there are students who rent throughout the year. Instead of returning home during the summer months, they’ll find an employment locally and live in their homes.

Typically, the extra revenue from multiple tenants can compensate for the voids that occur during the season. You can also earn additional revenue by renting rooms that are empty during summer. A tourist or beach location is definitely more suitable for this. However, an innovative marketing approach could keep your property occupied throughout the year.

Controlling the property

Perhaps the most difficult challenge for HMO landlords is managing tenants and the property. With many more tenants, there’s a greater possibility for issues to arise. Be sure that your tenants are able to promptly report any issues with maintenance. Be up with repairs to ensure they do not become out of control and possibly violate your license. One method to keep track of repairs is to employ an property management service.

The delegating of management duties for the property could make it easier also in other ways. The collection of rent, the management of compliance, and inspections are handled. The preparation of tenancy agreements, which is a challenge in HMOs is also outsourced. This can take a lot of burden from your back. However should you prefer to be in complete control, you can manage everything on your own. Be organized and prepared for long, unsociable hours.

HMO buy-to-let property investment

There are a few disadvantages to having an HMO. It can be a long-term commitment and a lot of hoops to get through. However, the financial benefits of this type of investment in property are very rewarding.