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Are there any government grants available for windows and doors in 2021?

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It has become virtually normal for each home in the UK to possess double glazing fitted.

There aren’t many houses across the nation which have single glazed windows and also due to this, there actually does not appear to be a requirement for having grants for doors and windows from the authorities that homeowners are able to apply for.

Consider for instance the “Green Deal” program, that had been a government grant to assist homeowners make energy saving improvements (by setting up two-fold glazing), this government backed system has since ended in 2015 because of a shortage of interest.

And while there might be a few systems still offered, like the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) grant and also the brand new Green Deal Finance Company grant, there’s not really a grant which is exclusively aimed at the double glazing sector.

What occurred to the Green Deal authorities grant?

Simply because there was only 15,000 homeowners that signed as much as the Green Deal grant, the federal government made the decision to scrap the pattern because of not enough interest, wherever they had been hoping for a lot more demand. This was just not the truth.

Among the reasons the scheme might have put homeowners off was due to the high interest rates homeowners will need to pay again over the course of countless years.

Nevertheless, in 2017 the Green Deal Finance Company released a brand new and enhanced version of the grant.

Instead of being backed as well as funded by the authorities, the brand new company provides loans to homeowners to boost the energy efficiency of theirs inside the homes of theirs and it is supported by individual investors.

Like the ECO grant, the brand new Green Deal covers a lot of the exact same offerings for homeowners to boost the energy efficiency of theirs, including:

Insulation (solid structure, cavity, floor and also loft wall)
Brand new or perhaps replacement boilers
Heating, and also warm water lighting

Whilst double glazing is not on the list, it’s still an energy saving advantage for homes with sole glazed windows. So it is worth checking with the Green Deal Finance Company, to see whether they are able to provide you a mortgage to enhance the window of yours and doors’ energy efficiency.
What’s the ECO grant?

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) is very similar in several features to the Green Deal grant, nonetheless, it is not always geared towards double glazing improvements.

The ECO grant is for:

Those people who are on a reduced income
Those in a gas poverty stricken area
Those people who are in households that are insecure
Those people who are getting benefits from the government

The ECO grant is there for home owners making energy saving advantages to the homes of theirs by setting up new gas boilers or maybe solid wall insulations.

But occasionally, homeowners might be ready to place several of the cash towards two-fold glazing installations, particularly for those who actually have single glazed windows.

Why? Because technically, that falls under the “energy saving benefits” category.

We’ve spoken before about the countless advantages of double glazing, and also the reason most homes must make the switch out of single to double, just due to the incredible energy efficiency ratings two-fold glazing windows have.

Thus make sure you determine when you are qualified for the ECO grant prior to doing some huge buys for the brand of yours new doors and windows.

But presently, as it appears, this’s the one government backed grant that home owners could possibly use for, for double glazing upgrades.
What if I am not qualified for ECO or even the new Green Deal?

Whilst there are some other particular government backed grants which can assist homeowners with paying their power and gas bills, it is essential to be aware that there are currently not one other grants for doors and windows from the government offered.

But don’t worry, in case you are not eligible for the grants we have talked about on this list, you might be surprised to hear the price to set up new doors and windows isn’t almost as you might feel.

We recently covered the common double glazing prices for the entire year and while this’s an estimated figure across all of the items our installers provide, the costs are just a couple of £100 out of what we would expect the network of ours of installers to demand.

You will find numerous methods you could look for recommendations on how you can save electricity, whilst it might not be a complete grant for the house of yours, these energy saving tips might offer helpful as a short term solution:

Add draught excluders for your doors and windows to avoid heat loss
Seal cracks in floors & skirting boards and also block an unused fireplace or chimney to stop heat leaking out through the fireplace
Think about monitoring your energy consumption to reduce usage in which you can

In case you are keen on setting up new doors and windows to the home of yours, Click Here to locate local double glazing companies who could help go over the kind of home improvement you are after.