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Croydon – New Boiler Installation Costs

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The cost of installing a boiler depends on the amount of work required, what parts are needed, how available, and where you live.
Continue reading to learn how much it costs to install a new boiler.

A new boiler costs.

The cost of a new boiler will depend on the following factors:

The model/brand. Although there are many boiler brands that offer models at various price points, some brands are generally cheaper. It is important to choose a reliable boiler brand. This will help you save money and reduce stress.
The boiler’s size (in kilowatts), is usually more costly.

Below is a table that gives you an indication of the current prices for boilers.

Prices for boilers can vary depending on their model and size, as well as the price that your engineer is willing to purchase the boiler. Our analysis should provide you with an idea of the typical cost. For the most current prices and offers, contact a boiler manufacturer.

Installation costs for boilers

The installation cost will include the price for the new boiler, the system clean, labour and any extras you may want.

The amount of work required to install the boiler will impact the overall cost. For example, if the plumber needs to alter the location or change the pipework, you can expect higher labour costs.

To ensure your heating system is as efficient as possible, it’s important that you have your heating system cleaned before installing a new boiler. There are many ways to clean a heating system. The cost for a power flush to clean a heavily sludged system will be between PS300 and PS750 for a five-radiator system with an average cost at PS481 (based upon quotes from 24 Which? Trusted traders, February 2002.

We recommend adding a magnetic filter for your heating system if you don’t have one. The filter will keep your heating system clean long after the engineer leaves. The cost of magnetic filters is between PS80-PS130

Thermostatic radiator valves, or TRVs, can be an efficient way to maintain a balanced system and keep rooms comfortable. If used properly, they can reduce heating bills and prevent rooms from getting too hot. Each radiator will require one of these radiators, which costs around PS15.

A smart thermostat or smart radiator valve could be a good option. They allow you to remotely control your heating system using a smartphone, tablet, and can set heating schedules. This could help lower your heating costs.

Prices for smart heating devices can vary depending on which brand they are and what features they offer. However, you can expect to pay between PS100 to PS250 for a thermostat and PS35 to PS80 for a smart radiator valve.

Delta-EE performed an independent analysis on behalf of Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy (BEIS) on the cost of different heating measures. The analysis looked at different scenarios for boiler installation and reported the average costs.

To ensure that the boiler’s pressure drops are not too high, a larger gas supply line between the gas meter (above 30kW) may be required. A larger gas supply line may be required if you are replacing a smaller boiler (30kW) with one greater than 30kW.

A combi boiler will replace a heat-only, system or boiler. This requires additional labour and repiping. Typically, this adds up to PS300-PS650.2

A new hot water cylinder is required if you are replacing a combi boiler with either a heat-only, or system model. This will vary depending on how large and well-insulated the cylinder is.

You can expect a lower overall cost if you swap like for like.

Installation costs for a combi boiler

A combi boiler is great for small homes and flats with only one bathroom. A combi boiler heats water as it is needed. It doesn’t need a large hot-water cylinder or feed tank.

Installation costs for heat-only boilers

Regular boilers, which are heat-only or regular, require a hot water tank, typically located in an airing cupboard. A cold water feed tank is usually found in the loft. These tanks are best suited for larger homes.

The hot water they produce is stored inside a cylinder. This allows them to provide large amounts of hot water to multiple taps simultaneously. It’s ideal for families with many bathrooms or large families.

You can get a hot water tank for as low as PS300 if you have an older one or want to replace one. However, a more high-insulated one will cost you much more (BEIS report 2020).

The BEIS 2020 report’s findings on labour costs and fittings have been combined with our boiler pricing table to provide a rough price range (with an average price in brackets) of what you can expect to pay for different combi-boiler installations.

A new boiler quote for system boilers

A system boiler works just like a regular boiler but doesn’t require a large cold-water feed tank to operate. An unvented hot water cylinder is required for a system boiler (also known as ‘closed vent’,’sealed’). They typically cost PS900 to buy a smaller capacity, poorly insulated cylinder or PS1,300 to purchase one with higher insulation (BEIS report 2020).

Installations of oil boilers

A trained professional should install the following oil systems:

A oil-fired combustion device that produces a heat output of less than 100kW and is not more than three stories (including any basement), or in a dwelling.
The pipes connecting oil storage tanks to combustion appliances and the pipes connecting them
An oil-fired combustion device can be connected to heating and/or hot water services systems.

You can expect lower costs for installation if your existing oil boiler is replaced with a comparable model. The costs of replacing an oil boiler, moving it, or replacing a lot old fittings, will go up.

You may also need to install an oil store, including piping from the store and the boiler. For smaller boilers or houses with easier access to oil supplies, smaller oil stores are more suitable. This will be more expensive if your home has an oil boiler that is larger or if you live in a remote area where there is no fuel supply.

It is crucial to have a reliable boiler

It all depends on what the problem is, but on average, it costs PS200 to fix a boiler.

We asked 8,001 people, who have bought a boiler within the last six years, when the boiler required its first repair (if any).