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Facilities are key when it comes to student accommodation in Loughborough

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When you’ve submitted your final assignment and finished your paper for your final exam the summer break can will be pretty quick. As a student, the transition from university to college isn’t easy. One of the most important things you need to consider is choosing the ideal student housing.

If you don’t, you’ll end up with your snobby flatmates for a whole year, throwing house parties and making your studies difficult. When you’re done, you’ll feel like you’re away from home and build friends who will be there thin and thick, no matter what the university throws at you.

Although the reality is that there is no simple method to locate the ideal student residence (you have to search the web for weeks to look at properties prior to making a decision) However, there are some tips we can offer to make your life a bit simpler. Here’s what they are…

Concentrate on the location

If you’re searching for accommodation via the internet or visiting houses and flats in person prior to September, make sure you select a place that is near to the campus. The ability to walk to classes on an early morning doesn’t only cut down on expenses for travel but also gives you an extra 30 minutes in bed in the morning and, believe us you’ll need when you’re student.

It’s not just the proximity to your college to think about. Consider how close to your nearest supermarket as well as entertainment facilities such as cinemas, bars and restaurants. If you’re forced to spend PS6 on a taxi each time you need milk or bread it will be difficult to make ends meet.

Make sure you are following your signals

The next step is to discuss with data. There’s a good chance that you’ll be spending lots of your time in your bedroom working on your upcoming tests and talking to your friends on FaceTime. If you’re able to only connect to 10mbps of WiFi, and your phone’s signal isn’t great it’s likely to get very stressful.

Make use of a tool like USwitch to determine what type of broadband offers you can find in your Loughborough student accommodation studio and ensure that your internet connection is speedy enough. You may decide to change to a provider such as VOXI prior to moving into the new location so that you can benefit from more speed and 5G.

Consider security

The problem is that student housing isn’t always in the most sought-after areas of town, but when you have the right security measures in place, it’s acceptable. It is recommended to visit potential homes and apartments at night, to be able to assess the neighborhood. If the place is peaceful and quiet and peaceful, you’ll feel at ease walking back to your home after a night out. There’s a lot of litter and deafening sirens from the police? It’s time to re-evaluate your search and find a place that is more appropriate.

You can also visit the official website for police work across England, Wales and Northern Ireland to find out about reported crimes in your region. It’s essential that you’re secure and talk to your prospective landlord or letting agent to find out what security measures they follow Some student apartments have security guards on 24/7.

Facilities are essential

Although your bedroom is the most important component of your college life be sure to not overlook common areas. Take a look at your living room kitchen, bathroom shared with your friends, as well as other areas such as cinema and gym rooms, and make sure that they’re in good working order. If your apartment is a property which is filthy and outdated it’s unlikely you’ll want to gather in your apartment with your roommates.

It is also advisable to speak with your landlord about maintenance , and how often the areas are maintained and cleaned. Certain student homes are cleaned each September with a fresh paint job and carpet cleaning, which will make the place look more like home. Do some digging!

Customer service

One of the biggest complaints received by students is about customer support from their landlord or letting agent. It is essential to know that if something goes wrong, there is someone on the phone to fix the issue. Chat with them whenever you go to view the property, or, better yet, talk to the tenant who is currently renting about any issues they’ve experienced before.

A welcoming, friendly the lettings staff will make all the difference in how you feel after moving from your home Choose a reliable and well-experienced team who’s not likely to disappoint you or charge more for minor repair or damage. Reviews on the internet can be helpful, but keep in mind that most tenants only leave reviews if they’re unhappy.


If you’re living in an individual student residence or moving into halls, or renting a house It is crucial to think about the flatmates. It is recommended that your landlord be able to inform you about the person you’ll share your room with prior to the time you sign the contract for a. Set up an Zoom conference to get meet your roommates prior to moving to ensure that you’re at ease with the people you share your space with.

However, sharing a home isn’t always a good idea So, make sure you cross your fingers and make sure you have a direct line with your letting agent protest against any tenant who isn’t adhering to the rules. If you’re able to find someone who will be renting with you, then you’ll have a friend who will be by your side. And don’t overlook your bills: we recommend our student accounts management service that keeps things simple and easy. Instead of stressing about having to chase flatmates for their part of the bill for gas and all is assessed a monthly fee.